Peep Christopher Williams’ Whole Song “Not A Perfect” Man That Debuted On RHOA! [Video]

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Jennifer Hudson Ft TI Music Video “I Can’t Describe” [Video]

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Ladies, Would You Hit It?

Russian rapper GeeGun Denis Ustimenko-Vainstein

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School Boy Q New Music Video “Man Of The Year” [Video]


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Are You Feeling This Get Up?


Percy Miller has been off the radar for a little while, but he recently burst back on the scene in this interesting traditional costume. Continue »

At The Tender Age Of 36… Nick Cannon Drops Music Video “Dance Floor” [Video]

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How They Do That There?: The First Rap Video Shot In North Korea!! [Video]

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New Video: Black Frost Pays Homage To Fellow Lady Rappers In New Clip For “Sincerely Yours (Dear Femcees)”


New rapper Black Frost is paying tribute to the ‘femcees’ that paved the way. Continue »

Dope Blasphemy!: Priests Perform Rick Ross & Jay Z’s Video “The Devil Is A Lie” [Video]

If this isn’t the official video… they should make it the official video.

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