Which One Would You Hit????

Norwood Young and Xango Henry

Here is our favorite character, Norwood Young, alongside Xango Henry Continue »

Basketball Wives L.A. Premiere: Norwood, Sister Tanya Young-Williams, And Their Mom… Snatch The Mic From Bossip And Break Out In Song! [Video]

At the L.A. Basketball Wives Premiere, we had the “pleasure” of running into Tanya Williams… Jason Williams’ wife, Norwood Young (her brother), and their mother. Continue »

What Does This Guy Do Anyway? Norwood Young Is Getting His Groove Back

Apparently he writes books. Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”: Teena Marie And Daughter At The 20th Annual Divas Simply Singing! AIDS Benefit

Teena Marie and her daughter Alia Rose attend the 20th Annual Divas Simply Singing! AIDS Benefit

Teena Marie and her 18-year-old daughter Alia Rose aka Rose Le Beau attended the 20th Annual Divas Simply Singing! AIDS Benefit over the weekend… Continue »

Happy Holidays!! Heart Norweezy Young

Your boy Norwood Young was stuntin as usual in all white at his Annual White Christmas Party in Hollyweird last night. We have no idea where this cat gets all of his cheddar, but we hear he throws one hell of a shindig.

More pics including Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan boo’ed up and Natalie Cole when you…. Continue »

What In Michael Jackson’s Name…

what in michaels name copy

Please stay as far away from this house as possible. This is where your boy Norwood stays. Your boy threw an MJ tribute party and his “fit” is nuts. The only other mentionable that was there was Lisa Raye.

Pop the top and peep the debauchery and tomfoolery Continue »

Pure Comedy: Eddie Winslow Speaks Out About Superhead

dariusskarrine copy

These dudes sound like they are talking about a killer in the video below! This interview and interlude with Darius acting like he is 13 is comedy. Please do not knock over the computer when he starts talking about Bobby Brown’s screw face and him being right about Superhead. Let us not even talk about Norwood shaking his neck and head in the video. (SMH)

Pop it Continue »

Are You Feeling These Kicks?

silver slippers

Your boy Norwood was at the Hennessy party last night rockin these silver slippers, a blown out wig, glittered belt, and a white glove…

Pop the top to see his ridiculous MJ themed clothing Continue »

Stop Lying Norwood, You Can’t Be Married!

Posted by Bossip Staff

Singer Norwood Young and wife

We received a invite from the Norwood Young camp to attend a “private screening” of his show, hear him lecture, and meet his…WIFE???? Yeah, that’s right, Norwood is telling folks he is married, just like Dwight is telling folks he likes womb. GTFOH!

True or False; Norwood is married?

A bunch of Hollyweird elites came to support…pop it and see. Continue »

Who Let The Dogs Out???

Posted by Bossip Staff


We do not know where he scalped his ticket from, but your boy Norwood was at the NAACP Awards lookin all voguish and what not.  Even though he was rocking a shiny suit and a ruffle up near the throat area, he still managed to get in. SMH

More Norwood underneath… Continue »

Norwood Appreciates the Media

Posted by Bossip Staff


The King, the myth, and the legend, Norwood, is back. He held a Media Appreciation Event at his house in B.H., with all of his closest friends, of course. We remain clueless as to how he funds these events, or why D-Listers continue to go to his performances.

SMH @ the pictures below of the comedian with the captain hat on, Norwood’s crop, and one of Yo-Yo looking busted up… Continue »

Sunday Surgery Slips Vol. 1: Lil Kim

Posted by Bossip Staff

Dr. 90210 has taken on Lil Kim as a patient and issued her countless surgery slips. Kimberly Jones was once a very pretty girl but evidently not in her own eyes. The Queen Bee was alright with a few nips but clearly the doctor kept calling her.

Pop the hood to see more of the original Lil Kim. Continue »

Norwood Week: Oh, You Thought He Was Just a Pimp???

Posted by Bossip Staff

Your boy Norwood’s interest range from singing, pimpin’, and even putting loot back in the hood:

Norwood Young, a singer and actor who has devoted much of his time to causes such as “Feed His People”, a non-profit organization dedicated to feeding the hungry, was honored with a proclamation presented by Mayor Jones in Mobile Ala.

You know you thought the character was a nobody, just look at these party photos…

Pop the hood, if you dare… Continue »


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