Kim & Kanye Kardashian’s New $11-Million Dollar Home! [Video]

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Dr. Dre’s Son Says “That’s My Dad’s Money” [Video]

Yes… he’s flying coach, but it cost a pretty penny more to fly out Ontario instead of LAX. But, we must admit the kid looks to have his head on straight with his mentality.
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Cluckers Stealing Motorized Wheelchairs From Handicapped Now Talking About “Them Motors Are Worth Big Bucks!” [Video]

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Compton Already Has Their Hand Out Asking That Dre Start Sponsoring Events And Take The Key To The City! [Video]

Literally, the ink isn’t even dry on the deal yet!!!

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Perfect Imperfection: America’s Next Top Model Adds Stunning 19-Year-Old Contestant With Vitiligo


Bullies called her ‘cow’ and ‘zebra,’ but now her unique skin may make her a fashion superstar. Continue »

Mayweather Is Trying To Buy The Clippers [Video]

Buy that mug, Mayweather!

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The First Billion Dollar App With Black CEO?: New Migos “Bedloo” Music Video-Promo [Video]

This app is on the rise and the owner is doing what it takes to make it to the next level…

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