On The Come Up: Crispy Crunchy Tan Mom To Make $1,000 For A Few Hours Of Work From Cameo In Gay Freaky Flick

Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil revisits XL nightclub

We not mad at tan mom for getting her weight up. We just hope she takes the money she earns from this freaky flick and gets her a therapist and some skin treatments. Continue »

Shady Matrimony-dom: “Sources” Say Michael Jordan’s New Wife Is A Golddigger Who Plans To Beat Pre-nup And “Be Set For Life”


Damn, MJ hasn’t even been married for a full week now and rumors are swirling that his newlywed wife is already up to no good! Continue »

New Music: RaVaughn “Best Friend” [Video]


Ladies get friend zoned too… SMH. Continue »

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