Pint Sized Perverts: Dwarf Pees In Bottle During 18 Hour Drive To Florida For Sex With 14-Year-Old Girl! [Video]

Christopher Lanning

We know, we know — it’s hard out here for an imp. Continue »

Ugly Breakups: Alabama Man Arrested For Dumping Hot Grease On His Girlfriend While She Slept


Dang… Forget what they say about a woman scorned — this guy has them all beat! Continue »

An Example Of A Culture Of Violence: Gang Fight Breaks Out In Charity Hockey Match Between FDNY Vs NYPD [Video]

And we bet… nobody went to jail. SMH
Continue »

Out Of Pocket: Old Azz New Orleans Cop Enters Black Man’s House And Arrests Him For No Reason! [Video]

This is crazy. Continue »

Police Caught On Camera Beating Man While He’s Having Psychotic Episode In Own Home! [Video]

Oh, the joooooys!

Continue »

The Joys Of Being Black: 11-Yr-Old Boy Building Treehouse Has Gun Pulled On Him By Police! [Video[

Ice Cube said “If you white… you can trust the police, but if you black they aint nuttin but beef.”

Continue »

Pigs Ain’t Isht: Man Wins $1 Million Lawsuit Following 15 Months In Jail After Being Attacked & Framed By Police [Video]

Something needs to be done about these crooked cops. Continue »


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