BREAKING NEWS: Ferguson, MO Grand Jury Decides NOT To Indict Darren Wilson In The Shooting Death Of Michael Brown


Do Black lives matter? SMH. Continue »

#DontShoot: Officer Darren Wilson Set To Resign From Active Duty In The Wake Of Mike Brown Murder Scandal [VIDEO]

Resignation is nice…but an arrest would be MUCH better. SMH. Continue »

Watch Milwaukee Police Chief Go Crazy When Questioned About Shooting Mentally Ill Man “80% Of My Shooting Victims Are African American!” [Video]

Well… Tell us how you really feel.

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Lucky He’s Not Black: Watch Cop Go Crazy On Kid For Telling Him “God Bless You” [Video]

Little guy is lucky he is not black… He would have been beaten down if so.
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Well No Isht: Study Reveals “Stark Racial Biases” Within NYPD


Wow…what a shock (sarcasm). Continue »


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