Lucky He’s Not Black: Watch Cop Go Crazy On Kid For Telling Him “God Bless You” [Video]

Little guy is lucky he is not black… He would have been beaten down if so.
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Well No Isht: Study Reveals “Stark Racial Biases” Within NYPD


Wow…what a shock (sarcasm). Continue »

Oh, Okay: Oregon Police Release Sketch Of Black Suspect With No Eyes Or Nose


Be on the lookout for a Black man. Literally ANY Black man… Continue »

*Updated* F**k A Dirty Pig: Watch Police Pepper Spray Man For Videotaping Him [Video]


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F**k The Crooked Police: Watch NYPD Steal A Man’s Hard Earned $1300 Paycheck! [Video]

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Are They Asking For It? Couple Records Police Busting Window Out And Tasering Man With Kids In Car [Video]

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The Pigs: Cop On Leave After Video Shows Him Tasering 61 Yr-Old Black Woman… For Nothing! [Video]

“They don’t really care aboooout us!”

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