Eff The Police: Medical Examiner Rules Death Of Staten Island Man A Homicide By Chokehold


Somebody call permed up Al… They had better charge that cop TODAY! Continue »

Black Broadway Stars Mob-Up Times Square In Protest Of Eric Garner NYPD Illegal Killing [Video]

These kinds of killings have been going on so long that marching, protesting, and speaking out are becoming mundane. If the choke hold is “illegal,” how in the hell is it justified?

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Man Arrested For Voyeur Cameras In Bathroom Says “I’m No Perv” [Video]

What a perv!

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Dad Punches Man For Recklessly Eyeballing His Daughter At The Wawa


Lucky he didn’t have his shotgun with him. Continue »

Footage Of NYPD Performing Illegal Choke-Hold That Killed Eric Garner Just Days Before Killing, But This Time On A Subway Fare-Beater?? [Video]

Funny… they always need to investigate when the pigs are doing something illegal on camera. Continue »

Ray J Charged With Sexual Battery By Los Angeles D.A., Police Officers Disagree

BET The Game Los Angeles Premier

You know it’s questionable when the LAPD is siding with a Black suspect… Continue »

Family Of Unarmed Staten Island Grandfather Killed By Shady NYPD Chokehold Speak Out [Videos]

It’s crazy how people blame violence on kids growing up without fathers while police are out here KILLING unarmed fathers... Continue »

The Joys Of Being Black: Community Speaks Out After Good Samaritan Breaking Up Fight Is Choked Out And Killed By Police [Video]

Lying-azz pigs!
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