Free Meek Mill: Philly Judge Rules Against Meek’s Sentence Appeal


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President Obama Addresses Mike Brown Killing By Dirty Ferguson Police [Video]

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*Updated* Jiving: KC Police Dance With Little Black Boys In Street [Video]

“police are individuals too – look they dance with little black kids!” -Uncle Ruckus

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Not Again: Unarmed Black Man Ezell Ford Killed By LAPD [Video]

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 12.37.58 PM

SMH….here we go again
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F**k A Racist Troll: White Man Rides Around Burned Down QT In Ferguson Calling Protesters N-Word “What If It Was A White Boy?” [Video]

“What if it was a white kid?” Idiot… police don’t kill innocent white kids!

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Check Out Eye-Witness Give Detailed Account Of Ferguson Police Officer Murdering 17-Year-Old Mike Brown [Video]

Sounds like cold blooded murder!

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Hackers Threaten Ferguson Police Department And Rioting Ensues After Mike Brown Killing! [Video]

F**k the police!!! We must stop them from killing and destroying our black men with no repercussions!!

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Black Life Ain’t Worth Spit: Family And Community React Angrily To Unarmed Mike Brown (17) Shot By Missouri Police In Street [Video]

Is it a coincidence that this editor had a good friend named Mike Brown, who was 17, and was unarmed, and was killed by the police too?

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