Police Even Treat The Black Dogs Bad!: One-Time On Leave After Video Surfaces Of Him Abusing His K-9 Partner

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Passing The Buck: Pig-Cop Blows Through Red Light Crashing Into Woman And Arrests Her (Who Talks Like She’s Drunk Though) For OWI [Video]

That’s how they do!!!!

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A Real Little Man: 8-Year Old Boy Killed Protecting His 12-Year Old Sister From Sexual Assault [Video]

Poor little guy is a true hero… R.I.P.

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Thugged Out Rabid Raccoon Terrorizes Neighborhood Biting Kids And Running Amok Until One-Time Finds His Trap House And Guns Him Down [Video]

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“Gotta Do What You Gotta Do” Or “Get A Damn Job?”: Man Caught Stealing Baby Diapers Speaks Out After Being Nabbed! [Video]

Times are hard and sometimes your circumstances can make it almost impossible to see a way out…

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Disturbing Footage Of LBC Police Fatally Shooting Unarmed Dying Man IN THE BACK! [Video]

Oh, the joys of NOT being white…

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Catch Fade On The Party Scene: The Game And T.I. In Police Standoff After “Friends'” Fight With Supperclub Security! [Video And Photos]

LAPD still can’t get right… Especially not when rappers are involved. Continue »

Pig Thievery: Florida Officer Caught On Tape Ganking $800 Watch! [Video]

Pigs aint ish…

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Tongan Super Crip-Cuz Shot And Killed Inside Courtroom While Lunging At Snitch Transformer On The Stand! [Video]

Damn… Killed in front of his own mother.

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Manly Looking Police Chief Fired For Being Gay Has Supporters In Uproar [Video]

That mayor put the brakes on her quickly…

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Protect & Serve?: Pig-Officer Pleads Guilty To Molesting 12-Year Old Girl & Sexually Assaulting A 17-Year Old Girl On “Ride-Along” [Video]

He better be ready to “protect” his man cakes and “serve” up some dome… Continue »

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