Woman Caught On Camera Trying To Slash Cop’s Throat Found NOT Guilty?? [Video]


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When The Checks Stop Coming In: Former NBA Baller Popped By Cops For Pumping Gas And Not Paying


Dayuuuuuuuuuuuum homie! In ’86 you was the man homie! Continue »

Snapped: Woman Sentenced To 20 Years In Jail For Stabbing Boyfriend To Death Because He Wouldn’t Give Her A House Key


Bad news for you girl, where you’re going it’s all locks — no keys. Continue »

SMH: Texas Cops Shoot Up Family Dog While Responding To Accidental Home Alarm


And the dog’s name was Bullet…sheesh. Continue »

Catch Fade: Watch Judge “Throw Hands” & Public Defender Scrap It Out Before Returning To Bench Like The Fade Was Nothing [Video]

“Throw Hands” and the PD are pure comedy… not wanting to press charges.

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It’s A New Day Mr. Police Man: Dirty Pig Under Investigation After Footage Of Him Kicking A Black Kid Is Released [Video]

The Joys Of Being Black…

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Would You Do The Same?: Highway Patrol Risks His Life And Life Of Commuters To Save Stranded Chihuahua [Video]

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Deputy Charged With Murder After Killing A Man With One Punch Over A Basketball Game! [Video]

What is wrong with folks?

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