Pregnant Rochester Woman Who Was Punched In Head And Tackled By Police On Tape Speaks Out “I’m Not Saying I Was Right” [Video]

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We Told You He Was Black!: Friends And Family Speak Out On Nekkid Face Biting Man Killed By Police In Florida! [Video]

We knew he was black from the terminology used by the reporters and police (A Big Linebacker Looking Violent Man?), the fact he was NOT negotiated with, and the fact they shot him without even being armed. Continue »

The Joys Of Being Rich And White Update: Teen That Killed 4 In Crash Is Sent To Rehab, But Not Before A “No Media” Private Meeting With Shady Judge [Video]

We’ve already pointed out inconsistencies in this judges rulings, but if you’re black, this is nothing new! Continue »

Must Be A Black Man: Nekkid “Linebacker” Looking Man Bites Ex-Cop In The Face And Is Shot And Killed By One-Time [Video]

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Pigs Ain’t Isht: Cop Caught On Cam Dragging Woman [Video]

Another cop caught on cam doing something shady. Continue »

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems: Drug Dealer Who Bragged About $125K Stop & Frisk Settlement Shot And Killed

Kenrick Gray, left, poses with his lawyer Brett Klein in his office in Brooklyn, Thursday, May 10, 2012.  ( Photo/Robert Mecea)

This poor guy thought his money problems were behind him Continue »