Cheerleading Captain Sentenced To 3 Years In Lockup For Pimping Out Fellow Squad Member

Montia Marie Parker

Remember the Minnesota cheerleader who was popped for sending out her squad mate on pay for play dates? Continue »

Update: Newly Released Crime Scene Photos Show Cops Fawked Up Investigation In Shady Wrestling Mat “Accidental Death” Case


We’ve been following the Kendrick Johnson case for months now and get more disgusted with every update! Continue »

The Ultimate Snitch!: 911 Call Of PRISONER Snitching On Whole Van Of Escaping Convicts [Video]

He is gonna have a hard time when he gets back to the pen…

Continue »

Poor Thang: RHONJ Teresa Giudice Speaks About Fraud Charges On Watch What Happens Live “‘Why Is This Happening To Me?”

Money can’t save her from jail. Do you think she can beat the case?

Power Hungry Pig Breaks Uncooperative Black Woman’s Window And Drags Her Out Car! [Video]

Being detained for a traffic infraction… Oh, the joys of being black!

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Lucky He’s Not Black: They’re Arresting Cops For Beating White Boys During Arrest? [Video]

If he’d been black… the Sergeant would have justified the beating. Jail? Ha!!! Continue »

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