DMX Put Down The Rocks Last Night to Hit Up VH1 Hip Hop Honors


The VH1 Hip Hop Honors went down in NYC last night and they brought out some D-listers we haven’t seen on the scene in a minute….including your boy Earl Simmons. 

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Janet Is On Her Italian Steez…


Janet just landed in Italy, in this royal blue jumper with some snakeskin heels on. Even though this is a really hard time for her, baby girl is never half stepping.

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Khloe & Lamar are Making Their Rounds

Lamar & Khloe3

Khloe and Lamar popped by the NSF, The Humane Society, and The GQ Magazine Benefit. They appear to be a happy couple but then again, Khloe really does know how to do it up for the cameras.

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Smells Like Geritol & Popping Viagra: Samuel L. Jackson vs. Morgan Freeman


Samuel L. Jackson is looking pretty old these days. Especially compared to Morgan Freeman, there is an 11 year gap between the two. Between Sam and Morgan, which one do you think smells like Geritol and is popping the little blue pill??? Continue »

Jessica White Takes our Advice and Tries Out a New Wig


We’re glad to see Jessica White switched her wig back to the basics.  She hit up the 10th Annual New Yorkers For Children Fall Gala in NYC last night looking like Naomi on a bad day. It’s a come up moment for her nonetheless. 

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We Don’t Normally Talk About Kids But DAMN… Doesn’t He Look Like a Mini Katt Williams???


This little boy is cute as a button but we couldn’t pass up the fact of who he actually looks like.
Can you guess who his daddy is for real???

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So Much for Relaxation… Halle Berry is Hounded by the Paps

halle berry 210909

Now that Halle Berry is claiming she’s not pregnant, the paparazzi is on that a** watching every move. She recently went to go get a Thai Massage…

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Recognize This Celebrity’s Son???

Who's My Dad

This little cutie is growing up and is going to be a heartbreaker. Do you know whose Celebrity son this is???

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For the Stans


Bey Bey Beyonce tried to escape the paps after eating at Australian restaurant, Ice Burgs. She sho look like Tina in these shots. SMH.

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What Happened in Vegas Didn’t Stay in Vegas: Diddy at WET REPUBLIC


Everybody and they mama was in Vegas this past weekend for the Mayweather fight. President CIROC Obama had a pool party at the Wet Republic. They said Cassie was there also but Diddy made sure he kept that a$$ out of sight.

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Kimmy Kakes Loves Dogs…


No we’re not talking about men, Kim hit up the grand opening of Pinks at Planet Hollywood Resort And Casino Las Vegas over the weekend.

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The Fellas and their Video Games

Kobe Bryant

If there is anything that the fellas love… it’s video games. Melo and Kobe showed up at the NBA 2K10 Video Game Launch Party without there leading ladies. Brian McKnight is also showing his face a little more to promote his new single.

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Some Saturday Charm: Brian J. White…

Brian J  White1

Brian J. White, who recently starred in Tyler Perry’s new movie, is attending the Pre-Emmy gifting suites along with all the other celebs collecting all the free stuff. Brian is definitely handsome and not showing us what he’s working with under that t-shirt but we couldn’t get past his smile.

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Ok We Believe You Already…

oprah1 copy

Mariah and Nick Cannon appeared on the Oprah Show today live from NYC.  They use any open opportunity to make their relationship valid.

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Janet Hits Fashion Week with her School Teacher Swag Turned On…


Janet was spotted at the Spring 2010  Ralph Lauren Collection show during Fashion Week dressed like she should be grading papers and hitting up parent teacher conferences.  We’ll give her a pass though because of the obvious. 

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