Remember Me???

nyundercover copy

We still remember when Malik Yoba was everyone’s favorite detective on NY Undercover with Det. Torres. He hit the party scene last night in NYC for a quick photo op.

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Eve What is That Growing on the Back of Your Neck…

evela copy

Eve hit up the “Whip It” LA Derby Press Event in LA yesterday with this shag on the back of her neck.  Since her career has taken a nosedive we guess she doesn’t care about what people think anymore.

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LaToya’s Clown Face Comes Out to Play in the UK…


Latoya was spotted walking the streets of London on her way to the Paul O’ Grady Show in an equestrian get up that looks like she belongs in a stable instead of on the streets.

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Rihanna is Country Hopping…


Rihanna is hopping from country to country in the only way she knows how… Fashionably. She is seen here giving some fan love at the airport in Berlin. Who knows where she’s headed next but we’re pretty sure the paps will be on it.

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We Know Lace Fronts Can Set a Sista Back But Come on Bey Bey…


Beyonce rocked her day late and a dollar short lace front wig over the weekend and it is definitely time to retire it.  It looks mad dehydrated like it needs some one on one time with a bottle of IsoPlus.

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Do We Really Have to Ask???


All the ladies are rocking the f*ck me boots…. HARD!!! But everyone should know who this little chicken is by now. If you can’t figure it out…

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We Know We Don’t Talk About Kids but… Please Come Get Your Children


Tiny’s new girl group the OMG Girlz hit the stage for their first out-of-state show in Fort Wayne Indianapolis.  We hear over 800 kids showed up to see the girls prance around in their tight shirts and mini skirts.

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LaLa Shops for a Fake Wedding Gift for the Fake Wedding…

LaLa Vazquez

LaLa hit up Bed Bath and Beyond to “get a wedding gift” for the Lamar and Khloe shindig wedding.  Not for nothing, but her choice to get a gift from Bed Bath and Beyond tells us how much she really cares about this alleged union.

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Diddy Pulls a Daddy Daycare…


It’s been a little while since we saw Diddy pull out the kiddies for a good ole photo-op, but he dusted off Quincy and Christian for the premiere of Lebron James’ “More Than a Game” movie in LA at the Grove yesterday.

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The Camel’s Chicks: Bey Bey Beyonce and Rihanna are on Their International Steez


While Jay-Z is overseas promoting the BP3, his two main chicks are never too far. Bey Bey hit up the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix while RiRi attended her manager’s wedding in Venice.

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Which One Would You Hit???


Swizz Beats and Jay Z were caught on the party scene at M2 Nightclub in the UK.  The two boys look like they left the ladies at home for a night of play and had a ball. All we want to know is…

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Is This Chris Tucker or Sidney Poitier… We’re a Bit Confused


Chris Tucker attended the Lebron James celebrity basketball game over the weekend looking like an oldie but goodie. Chris Brown, who’s always up for basketball was in attendance too.

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Recognize the Dreads???

Guess Who

This girl truly lives in a different world. There is no way anyone could ever mistake this head full of so called dreads.

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Eddie Murphy’s Daughter has Hit the Runway


Nicole Mitchell and Eddie Murphy have bred a little model. Nicole and the girls had a family outting the other night to watch 19 year old Bria hit the runway for Macy’s.

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Keri Hilson and Nelly Hit Up London… BUT What Does Keri Have On???


Keri Hilson and Nelly were both spotted in London this week. Keri Hilson is known for wearing some “hella-fide” colors but the “I Dream of Genie Pants” is definitely not hitting on it.

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