Spotted: The First Fam does Martha’s Vineyard

First Family in Martha’s VineyardWas2534401

The First Family arrived in Martha’s Vineyard for their summer vay-kay and it’s Fort Knox from what we hear! No press allowed!

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Ludacris Is On That New “Fat Boy Slim” Diet

luda eating

Ludacris was spotted in Malibu over the weekend at the Miss Malibu Pageant stuffing his face like a fat kid on some chocolate cake. Also, Khloe showed up looking like she got stung by a bee in the lips.

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New York and her Basketball T*t-Tays Dribble Down the Red Carpet


New York and her big a** basketball t*t-tays were spotted at a foundation event in LA over the weekend. Also, Tatiyana Ali showed up with a front zipper dress on… They still make those??? Continue »

Remember Strangé?


You all remember Strangé from Boomerang? Well, she’s still on the scene! Pop the hood to see if she still possesses the “essence  of sex.”

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The Sexiest Woman Alive is Still on Vacation!


Halle has been spotted looking homely as hell lately! And this weekend was no different. Pop the hood for more flicks of her and the fam out and about in Malibu. Continue »

Trey Songz and His Groupie Love…


Trey Songz performed at Blanco’s in Long Island over the weekend and some of LI’s finest groupies came out to show him love! Including one girl who made love to her birthday cake! Flip the hood for pics.

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Whitney and Bobbi Kris Spotted in NJ


Whitney and Bobbi Kris were spotted walking through Newark International Airport in New Jersey.  And we must say the two are keeping up their good looks,compared to a couple of years ago.  Flip the hood to see the steady transformation! Continue »

Ginuwine Attempts to Come Back…AGAIN


Ginuwine gave a concert at BB King’s in NYC  yesterday and from the looks of things the microphone was wearing him out! Pop the hood to see this dusty R&B sensation try to regain his throne.

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Remember the Mr. Boombastic The Romantic Fanstastic Lover???


Shaggy crawled from under a rock and appeared at Germany’s RTL2′s Music Show along with Kelly Rowland. Shaggy has been stacking his international bread and it seems that Kelly is following suit because she was at the same event. Kelly Rowland is looking like the newest recruit to Gold Member. Continue »

Twitter Files: Tyra Banks Sends a Message to All the Haters about her Real Hair…


Tyra Banks put out a statement the other day that in her new season of The Tyra Banks Show, she will be rocking her real hair. It seems that she’s been catching a little flack over these pics that were recently taken, so of course to clear it up… she tweeted it on Twitter… SMH Continue »

Out and About: Kelly and Brandy


Kelly and Brandy were spotted leaving the MAC store in Beverly Hills.  For both these ladies to be almost non-existent on the R&B charts, they’re smiling pretty hard! Pop the hood for more pics. Continue »

Pretty Ugly and the Real Housewives of Atlanta Attend the Atlanta Bronner Brother’s Hair Show


Local Florida Talent Show winners, Pretty Ugly and the RHOA, Sheree, Kandi, and Lisa showed up to the Atlanta Bronner Brother’s Hair Show, such a star studded event. Lisa’s face is priceless but there is another awful one under the hood.

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Your Daily Kanye West and Amber Rose Sighting…

amber5 copy

SO-HO’s seem to appeal to Kanye West. Anyways, they say Amber had on a bracelet that read, “Yeezy.” The couple were out and about again, just doing what it do.

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Angel Lola Luv: You’ll Never Find… Blum Blum Blum Blum… a Hairline Like Mine


Angel Lola Luv, her five-head and Trina were out and about this past weekend in Atlanta. Angel is not having dreams with that five-head, she is watching movies in her sleep.

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Is the First Lady Allowed to Wear Shorts?


First Lady Michelle Obama was spotted rocking some shorts while on vacation in the Grand Canyon with her girls.  Apparently, it has raised a major issue of whether Michelle Obama is pushing the envelope when it comes to her wardrobe. Continue »

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