Are You Feelin This Get Up????


Rihanna was spotted at the 2nd Annual House of Hype Directors’ Dinner in this sequins lace get-up looking like something straight out of the 80′s.  Uh, we’re not sure if we’re feeling this one Rih…try again.

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Amber Sticks her Tongue Down Kanye’s Throat…

Kandy and Amber

One of our Bossip Readers sent us a picture of Amber and Kanye swapping spit at the Jay-Z concert. Most of the time when two people kiss, you can feel the love in the air. But with these two, all we see is:

Two Hard Heads + A Soft A** + A Un-interested Kanye = “GROSS”

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What in Z-List Pre Party Hell is This?


The MTV VMA Awards pre party show went down but… We didn’t see any familiar faces… How about you? Continue »

Are You Feeling This Get Up???


Only Diddy would come out looking like he just left Gay Pride Weekend in Atlanta. Even though he retired the name “PUFFY”… that’s exactly what he looks like his name should be in this outfit. . How do ya’ll feel about it…

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Fashion Week in New York: Mz. Rih Rih… Can You Even See What’s Going On???


It’s Fashion Week in NY and all the celebs that are fashionable or at least THINK they have style, will be flooding the streets. We all know that Mz. Rihanna would not miss these events for “NOTHING.” Those glasses are definitely fashionable but the blonde piece, with the red lips and the electric blue eye shadow… We’ll let you make that call Continue »

Sir Lucious Left Foot Performs at the BMI Awards


Big Boi performed at the BMI Awards in NY last night. We when first saw this picture, all we could do was SMH but then we found out that he was perfoming with the infamous George Clinton and Bootsy Collins.

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The Housewives Bring the Hood Life to Ellen


The ATL Housewives detoured to LA for the Ellen show yesterday and they brought a lot more baggage than what was needed and we ain’t talking about luggage.  Pop the hood to watch them in action. Continue »

Adrienne Bailon Drops her Slutty Steez for the New & Improved Stepford Wife Look


Adrienne Bailon stepped out with the weirdest look on her face. Maybe she is trying to change up the game with her outfit and that innocent look but she is not fooling anybody. Selita Ebanks is rocking a new rough look. under the hood.

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RiRi’s Kitchen Looks Cool…The Armored Shoulder Bag and Sandals??


Sometimes, Rihanna can dress like a fashion forward icon in the field, but other times… she misses. Apparently, that is a chance she takes. Check her out leaving her hotel in NYC with the coldest shoulder harnessed bag.

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Khloe Kardashian + Red Lipstick = Trannish


The Swirlin’ Couple Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are on the scene once again at the premiere of the movie “Whiteout.” Kimmy Cakes should tell her sister when she looks like she could have man hands. The soft look is better for Khloe, not the Mannish Trannish Red Lipstick and Big Wig Hair. SMH… Continue »

Russell Simmons is the Poster Child for GAP KIDS: The GROWN MAN TODDLER COLLECTION


Russell Simmons hosted the screening for a movie called “The Cove” last night. Whoever shops for Russell needs to try other places besides Gap Kids because he is too grown to look like a toddler. There also appeared to be more than casual conversation between Lucy Lui and Dame Dash.

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*Bossip Exclusive Rumor Control:* Jamie Foxx’s Sister that has Down Syndrome was Not Allowed in the Club… NOT TRUE!!!


Sunday night in Atlanta, Jamie Foxx had an after party at the Velvet Room. Rumor is that his sister, Diondra Dixon who has down syndrome, arrived at the club with 35 to 40 people and got into an argument with security.  Then allegedly, the owner of the club went ballistic on her. With a story this crazy, we had to get the real details… Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin’??? Grammy Winner vs. Oscar Nominee


Last night, Tyler Perry had the premiere for his new movie I Can Do Bad All By Myself in NYC. Mary J. Blige and Taraji P. Henson were both looking stellar. It’s only fair we ask the question, between the two leading ladies…

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Which Diva Likes to Make A Run for the Border???


The paps caught this Diva coming out of Taco Bell in Los Angeles and she was also driving a Chrysler 300. Now, there is nothing wrong with eating Taco Bell or driving a Chrysler but we wouldn’t really expect this from her. Plus, she’s an “Ol’ Head,” not one of these new spring chickens.

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Swirlin’ Couple: Angela Simmons Added Some Salt to her Margarita


Angela Simmons is finally Out & About with her boo. He may dress like some of the guys that she dated before but he’s more like a side of carne asada burritos.

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