Reverse Racism??? Mobs Young Black Men Charged With Hate Crimes In A Rash Of Racially Charged Beatings And Robbing Sprees Against Jews In The New York!

Mobs of Black men face charges after a rash of racially charged beatings and robberies in New York

This is the kind of thing that makes us all look bad when we complain about being discriminated against… Continue »

Magic Johnson Tells Clyde Drexler ‘Say It To My Face’ But “The Glide” Denies Hatin’ In The First Place!

Magic Johnson and Clyde Drexler

Clyde Drexler Denies Making The Comments For Dream Team Book, Magic Johnson Says He Isn’t Bothered

Magic Johnson finally caught wind of all that “hate” Clyde Drexler allegedly spewed for Jack McCallum’s new book Dream Team:

In a video interview with the Wall Street Journal, Johnson said he hadn’t been informed about Drexler’s alleged comments, and registered his first response to them:

“If that’s how he felt, then that’s how he felt. I think that Clyde was a guy that always fought for more publicity … a guy who thought he should deserve more credit. But if he felt like that, I’m OK with it. I’m not a guy who’s going to be upset that he said these types of things.

“I think that what I would say is that, [from] Clyde or anyone else, I didn’t want any sympathy. Only thing I wanted is that you treated me the same way that you treated me before you knew I had HIV. It was a beautiful thing that I was able to educate the world that a guy living with HIV could still go out there and play, and play at a high level. And then at the end of the day I was able to educate a league that didn’t know about HIV and AIDS.

“You know a lot comes out after the fact. Here it is 20 years later, and now you want to make these comments? Twenty years later. And I know Clyde, so this is really funny you want to make these comments 20 years later.”

Johnson later added:

“I dealt with it and I will continue to deal with it, ‘cause that’s who I am. And so, when I see Clyde, I’m going to hit him, hug him, and [say], ‘How you doing? How’s the family? How’s your wife, you know? I would never mention this, because it doesn’t mean anything to me. I gotta keep moving forward, and I feel good. One thing I do is I sleep real good at night.”

You can watch the video interview with the Wall Street Journal below:

Hit the flip to find out what Clyde Drexler is now saying about his alleged comments.


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