What Is Wrong With This Picture???

girl with face tat

Here is an image of a young lady with her face adorned with tattoos. Continue »

Eff A Thug: Gov. Paterson’s Bout It Stepdaughter KO’s Boyfriend With A Bottle… And A Frying Pan!

Governor Paterson and stepdaughter Ashley Dennis

Somebody’s daddy taught them exactly how to handle a woman-beater. Continue »

NYPD Attacks Protesters For Troy Davis Rally! [Video]

Jessica White’s Fiance Revealed! More Beauties & Bankrolls

Model Jessica White famously stated that she was holding on to her “goodies” until someone put a ring on it earlier this year. Continue »

New Music From Cassie And Olivia… Who Could Have Done Us A Favor And Kept It To Herself?

Okay, but you have to really listen to both songs before you say anything crazy. Okay? Continue »

Ciroc Boys: Rappers Who Endorse Liquor Brands

Sean "Diddy" Combs, Jay Z, & Jermaine Dupri

Although selling liquor isn’t the drug game, the alcohol business is a multi-billion dollar industry and some rappers have figured out how to get a piece of the action. Continue »

Nicky Cannon Diss Song For Eminem, Charlamagne, Bossip, And Ray-J Vs Fab? [Video]

Turn the page and listen to some dopeness from our boy Nick “Goof-Troop” Cannon.

Some Afternoon Linkage

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Madonna To Play Super Bowl Halftime Show (GO)

Usher Lends Voice To Spanglish Track ‘Promise’ (GO)

Why Blacks Should Be Skeptical of Obama’s Tough Love (GO)

Rihanna On Her Sexed-Up Image: “That’s Not Me. That’s A Part I Play.” (GO)

NBA 2K12 Intro (GO)

Lil Wayne Gets An Audemars Watch From Birdman For His Birthday (GO)

Kristen Stewart Looked Like A Boy (GO)

Do Mean Girls Make More Money? (GO)

What Aren’t Young Saying?: Young Couples Skip The Tough Convos (GO)

Fox Cancels Affion Crockett TV Show (GO)

VH1’s 10 Greatest Songs of The 00’s (GO)

Paris Fashion Week: Givenchy Masters Tailoring for Spring 2012 (GO)

Black Eyed Peas Raise $4 Million With Rain-Soaked Charity Concert (GO)

Jay-Z To Re-Release “Decoded” November 1 (GO)

Just In Case You’ve Been Missing Tila Tequila (GO)

Juelez Santana Gets Romantic (GO)


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