Fellas, Would You Hit This???

Ke$ha flashes some flesha in a granny-panted string bikini! The boisterous singer, who is Down Under on her "Get $leazy" tour, was seen showing off her fuller figure to numerous different beach goers (including one elderly gent who appeared quite taken) and was even seen attempting some sun salutation yoga moves. After her swift exercise bout, she then trotted along the beach, accidentally exposing a nipple from her tight bikini top!

Ke$ha was spotted frolicking on the beach in Australia looking like “Sponge Bob Square Body” in a kini. Continue »

Jet Beauty Of The Week

Nia Long Cover

Nia Long and her naturally-beautiful-always-classy 40-Year-Old banger self is on the cover of Jet Magazine. Continue »

Some Afternoon Smut

Maliah Michel and other caked up “models” have their backsall the way on blast Continue »

How To Let Him Know You’re Not Interested

So you’ve met him. He’s charming, funny, smart excellent. The only problem is you’re not attracted to him. Continue »

How He Created A Business From Black Pride



RihRih Says Beatdown Gave Her Liberation: ‘I Needed That In My Life To Know How To Say Fawk Off!’

Rihanan Vogue Cover

We thought Rihanna was done talking about her domestic violence incident with Chris Brown. We thought wrong. Continue »

Feuding With 50 Cent: The Rappers That Have Crossed Paths With Curtis

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has never shied away from controversy.

Since breaking into the industry with the name-dropping street classic, “How To Rob,” 50 has been stirring up trouble with records, interviews and public feuds involving numerous emcees.

He battled death and won after surviving nine gunshots, then began a meteoric rise that turned the “mixtape” into industry standard. Let’s take a look at some of the artists he’s beefed with, battled, and pissed off. Some wars he won, others he lost, a few didn’t have a clear victor but the constant outcome is that Curtis continues to rattle nerves and express his opinion without fear of consequence. This is 50.

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Michael Vick Signs Another Endorsement Deal

Michael Vick Philadelphia Eagles

Congrats to Mike Vick… The controversial Eagles player is getting more paper! Continue »

Imperfectly Perfect: What You Should Realistically Expect Out Of Love

Blossoming love is bliss—expensive dinners, long walks on the pier, late nights on the phone. It feels good to have someone by your side, someone to call a lover and a friend.

During the honeymoon stage (or first three months), we often put on a façade. Not only do they never see us barefaced, but we tone down characteristics that would initially turn a man off. The woman that may be prone to fussing, acts as if she is habitually content; and, the brash woman is suddenly coy. We have been fine-tuned to do what is necessary to get what we want, even if it means playing down our authentic selves. For this reason the expectations for love are unrealistic, because they are based on diluted truths.

How much more genuine would our relationships be if we didn’t hide behind the desire for reciprocation? How much easier would it be to make it past the honeymoon if we wore our true colors? So many of our relationships and marriages fail as a result of fairy tale expectations:

What is Kobe Bryant’s Worth?


Last April, legendary NBA-er Kobe Bryant signed a three-year, $83.5 million extension on his contract with the LA Lakers, which meant he would be paid $108 million over four years, with $30.5 million due for the 2013-14 NBA season alone.

In 2013, Bryant will earn $371,951 per game, not including incentives or bonuses – and he will play at least 82 games. “That’s a nice chunk of change,” said BonafideSports.com website owner Hugh Lewis. “Right now he’s at the top of his game, and nobody on the court can touch him salary-wise.”

Continued at The Atlanta Post


Someone We Actually Like: Melanie Fiona Honors Women’s History Month With Sistory: Every Woman Campaign

melanie fiona Sistory: Every Woman

Melanie Fiona recently became “every woman” for a Derek Blanks alter-ego photo shoot in honor of Women’s History Month. Continue »

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