Top 10 Most Promiscuous U.S. Cities (Where’s The Best Place To Get Lucky?)

Bedroom love

While you would think Vegas, New York City, and Los Angeles would be some of the bet places for you to get lucky, it turns out that there are even more promiscuous cities out there. Continue »

End Of Days: Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York & North Carolina All Under A State Of Emergency As Hurricane Irene Approaches

Five States Under State Of Emergency As Eastern Seaboard Prepares For Hurricane

Dayum! Just days after being hit with a random earthquake, the East Coast is now bracing themselves for a potentially the potentially devastating damage Hurricane Irene could bring. Continue »

You Need More People: Hill Harper On Aaliyah “I Think She Liked Me” And Says He Taught Barack How To Dougie

Hill Harper Aaliyah

We know everybody has an Aaliyah fantasy but this guy took his a lil too far. Continue »

Stop Us If You’ve Heard This One Before: DMX Arrested…Again


Looks like DMX’s vacation from jail may be ending soon. Continue »

Ready To Rumble? The Rock Producing A Wrestling Drama For NBC

the rock

The Rock may have left wrestling…kind of, but he’s still involved in the wrestling world. Continue »

Bossip Certified Links

[] Keeping it Honest with Online Friends
With Facebook, Twitter and Google+ constantly humming, I’m sure I’d qualify to participate in any study of people who socially network a tad too much; it serves as a sizable damn distraction to the point where I need to leave my iPhone in another room and cut off the internet if I really need to get work done. (Read)

[] Mac Miller – “Femme Fatale (Freestyle)”
Pittsburgh native Mac Miller releases a new hot new freestyle. He drops a couple verses over the ‘Speakin In Tungs’ instrumental. (Listen)

[] 80s and 90s Trends To Rock Now (Trust Us, They’re Hot)
We love the 80s and 90s. The television shows, music and memories of childhood. But the fashion? Not so much. It brings to mind acid-wash, tacky prints and other pieces that make us cringe. (Read)

[] Ravens Player Bolts During Earthquake
Torrey Smith takes off during the earthquake… but where is he running to?? (Watch)

[] Conroe Brooks: Flash Mob Leader Keeps it Legal
You’ve probably seen that funny AT&T commercial where the guy tears off his trench coat and breaks out into choreography in the middle of a train station. Unfortunately, he ruined the flash mob that was about to go down. (Read)

Brown Is On The Rise: Minority Babies Are Now The Majority


White infants are on the verge of being displaced as the majority of newborns now that nearly half of babies in the USA are ethnic and racial minorities. Continue »