Making It Rain On The Hoes: The Top 10 Black Entrepreneurs

inc black entrepreneurs

Inc. magazine has taken the time out to list the top 10 black entrepreneurs in the country. Continue »

Herman Cain Thinks Being Gay Is A Choice… And Here’s Why! [Video]

Maybe this guy isn’t so bad after all… Just Kidding.

Some Afternoon Linkage

Nicki Minaj Says Rick Ross’ “You The Boss” Was Written For Lil Wayne (GO)

Immortal Technique – Toast To The Dead (Prod. J. Dilla) (GO)

Jon Bon Jovi Opens “Pay What You Can” Restaurant (GO)

Ali Lohan in Fault Magazine (GO)

T.I. Talks “Family Hustle” Reality Show, “Takers” Sequel” (GO)

JWoww Is The Future Of Cleavage (GO)

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Android Ice Cream Sandwich (GO)

Where You Live Affects Your Obesity Risks (GO)

A Look at the Individual Style & Fashion of “Occupy Wall Street” (GO)

First Lady Michelle Obama & Bo Pose For Official White House Photo (GO)

Rick Ross Releases ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ Official Album Cover (GO)

Don’t Ever Give Up (GO)

Source Claims Jessica Simpson Is Having A Baby Girl, Getting Married In Hawaii (GO)

Russell Brand Visits Occupy Wall Street, Starts New Trend In Rain Gear (GO)

Drake Doesn’t Mind Being The Butt Of Rihanna Jokes (GO)

Young Jeezy Reveals ‘Thug Motivation 103′ Artwork, Samuel L. Jackson To Narrate ‘TM103′ Movie (GO)

Love Me Some S/Him: Celebrity Close Encounters Of The Trans-Kind

Celebrity transgender encounters

Sometimes it’s dark, it gets late, and you can’t spot an adam’s apple the way you would during daylight hours. Continue »

Bossip Certified Links

[] How To Deal With Info You Didn’t WANT To Know About Your Man
Your honey is a sweetheart. He treats you well, shows you respect and you have a good time together. All is well…until you find out that he slept with 99 women before you were his “number one.” (Read)

[] Fat Joe Ft. Chris Brown – “Another Round”
A lot of people wrote Fat Joe off but this one sounds like a hit. (Listen)

[] A Look at the Individual Style & Fashion of “Occupy Wall Street”
As the Occupy Wall Street continues to grow in popularity and spread across the globe, we are starting to learn more about the young people and focused energy behind this organic movement. (Read)

[] ET’s Between The Sheets With Jennifer Lopez
It seems that everything Jennifer Lopez touches makes headlines these days, from her personal life to her business empire. (Watch)

[] Is ‘gentrification’ always bad for revitalizing neighborhoods?
The title is deliberately chosen but somewhat rhetorical, since the answer ultimately depends on one’s definition. (Read)


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