People Ain’t Isht: Racist Red Sox Fan Calls Black Fans “Trayvon” And Tells Them To “Go Back To The Ghetto” As He’s Ejected From Stadium

Red Sox

We’ve heard that Boston was one of the most racist cities in America, but damn… Continue »

Florida Freaks: Man Uses Cellphone Hidden In Dog Food To Look Up Target Shopper’s Skirt [Video]

What a sicko! Continue »

SMH: Drug Dealer Who Shot 12-Year-Old Over Two Dozen Times After Mistaking Him For Rival Gang Member Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison

There has really been an abundance of aint-isht people surfacing lately.  Here’s another one. Continue »

Cheerleading Captain Sentenced To 3 Years In Lockup For Pimping Out Fellow Squad Member

Montia Marie Parker

Remember the Minnesota cheerleader who was popped for sending out her squad mate on pay for play dates? Continue »

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