Woman Fatally Shoots Four And Injures Two During Eviction Hearing [Video]

The savages are everywhere. Continue »

Stop The Violence: 23-Year-Old Father Gunned Down While Waiting At Bus Stop In Inglewood [Video]

Young black men aren’t even safe at the bus stop. SMH. Continue »

Teacher Accused Of Making Boy Unclog Urinal With Bare Hands Says “I Didn’t Do Anything Illegal” [Video]

If we were this boy’s parents, we would whoop her azz. Continue »

Surveillance Footage Shows Man Robbing 70-Year-Old Woman [Video]

Who robs a 70-year-old woman?

Four Oregon Teens Face Charges After Allegedly Forcing Boy To Eat Cat Feces And Torturing Him! [Video]

It’s so disturbing how young people can be so depraved. Continue »

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