Teachers Ain’t Isht: HIV-Positive Gay Educator Arrested For Unprotected Sex With Teen Student [Video]

What the hell is goin’ on in this world?!?! Continue »

What An Idiot Looks Like: Dirty Cop Sexually Harasses Rape Victim [Video]


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Hefty Necked Teacher Charged With “Child Seduction” After Luring Girl Into Classroom For Hour [Video]

Where does this his neck end and head begin?

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Seriously? Beyonce’s Dad Mathew Knowles Drops Infomercial Searching For New Young Girls To Chop Down And Destroy [Video]

This guy is doing this purely to find young girls. PERIOD!

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In Aint-Isht Police Officers News: White Cop Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Six Black Women While On Duty

Yet another reason why now is the time to stand together and fight for change… Continue »


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