70-Year Old Daycare Worker Popped For Indecency With Child After Allegedly Fondling 5-Year Old Girl! [Video]

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Pedo-Files: Mom Gets Letter In Mail From Local Stalkers Saying They Are “Watching Her Daughters” [Video]

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9-Year-Old Charged With Sex Crime After Pantsing A Student And… What?? [Video]

We don’t remember THAT part coming after the pantsing ritual…

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People Ain’t Isht: Disgusting Ice Cream Truck Driver Molests 11-Year-Old Girl


Ice Cream Truck Driver Molests 11-Year-Old Girl

The kids aren’t safe this summer….SMH
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Athletes & Young Hoes: Dwight Howard’s 16-Year-Old Side Chick Exposes His Filthy Dirty Dog Cheating

A 16-year-old girl alleges Dwight Howard flew her out to Florida to chop her down… Continue »

Teacher “Spicy” Stephanie Arrested For Having Sex With 14-Year-Old Special Ed. Student [Video]

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Pedophilic Middle School Teacher Popped For Bringing Home Girl Student For Her And Boyfriend To Molest! [Video]

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Demented Teen Who Murdered And Sexually Assaulted Teacher Assaults ANOTHER Female While Locked! [Video]

This sick Lil Bibby looking buster NEVER needs to experience freedom again.

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SMH: Woman Killed By Pervy Truck Driver Peeking At Sleazy Sites On His Phone


Put the phone down people, poor Lauren and her fiancé didn’t deserve this…

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