Girl, You Must Be Crazy!: Jerry Sandusky’s Wife Says “He Wants To See His Grandchildren… He Misses Them” [Video]

What fool would…. SMH.

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Freaky NJ Realtors Caught Having Sex Over 10-Times In Home: Homeowner Releases Footage After Obviously Releasing Himself [Video]

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Exclusive Tell All: Pleasure P Talks Child Molestation Charges, Dating Bria Murphy, And Chopping Down Ladies of “The Bad Girls Club” [Video]

Pleasure P, formerly of Pretty Ricky, talks dating Eddie Murphy’s daughter and the child molestation charges…

Crazy-Weird-Drugged Out Pervert “Bernard” Arrested For Chopping Down A Female Pit Bull’s Cakes! [Video]

That Breaking Bad is real!

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Hate Crimes: Transgender Teen Sexually Assaulted By Three Youths In High School Boys’ Restroom [Video]

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