Single Tranny Files: Idaho Shimmy Popped For Impersonating Plastic Surgeon To Feel On Some Boobies

Kristina Ross

An Idaho “woman” was picked up by one-time for posing as a plastic surgeon in order to get her Chester the Molester on in area nightclubs under the pretense of doing “breast exams”. Continue »

The Best And Worst Celebrity Nose Jobs

Naomi Campbell

Some women are born with envious features, or at least embrace their imperfections, while others opt for physical alterations. We’ve seen some of our favorite celebs transform their ‘cute button’ noses into slender “Hollywood” features. Some of these celebrities have successfully transformed and added to their beauty, while others should have immediately contacted their surgeons to see if they could revert back to their ‘before’ selves.

Still, these celebrities all have one thing in common: a new nose.

Presenting our best and worst celebrity nose jobs in black Hollywood.
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To Whom Do These Massive Thangs Belong???

IS THAT YOU HALLE? Halle Berry is wheeled around in a wheelchair, wearing heavy facial prosthetics while filming "Truth or Dare" in LA

This Hollyweird actress’ G-cup spilleth over… with silicone instead of milk! Can you guess who invested in these big ole bazungas??? Continue »

Knifed Up Rocker Compares Plastic Surgery To Redecorating His House “Changing My Face Is Like Buying A New Sofa”

Pete Burns

We showed you Pete Burns after his most recent surgery a couple weeks ago, but apparently the British rock star has no intention of staying away from the knife. Continue »

Sunday Surgery Slips: Lisa Rinna’s Husband Is Worried His Wife Will Look Like A Knifed Up Weirdo For The Rest Of Her Life

lisa rinna plastic surgery lip injections

Poor thang:

They say beauty is pain, and Lisa Rinna really is learning that the hard way. Continue »

Knifed Up Swag: 15 Alleged Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

Now, there’s nothing wrong with tweaking your God given beauty, but when does a trend go too far? Updating your look no longer consists of a new outfit or rocking a new hairstyle; it requires “going under.” Continue »

Dayuuum! Poor Nene Is Looking Like Geritol Greg Just Crushed Her Whole World

Nene Leakes seen outside the Trump Hotel in New York City

Poor Thang! Nene Leakes was caught looking busted outside of Trump Hotel in NYC. We’re not sure if she was crying over the hotel bill or her divorce from Greg, but somebody should’ve told her that all that plastic surgery doesn’t mean she should go out without makeup! Continue »

Wendell Williams And Hubby Kevin Coupled Up In NYC

Wendy Williams and Husband Kevin Hunter walking in Manhattan

Wendy Williams covered up her linebacker shoulders with a lovely cream colored coat as she enjoyed the crisp air in NYC while walking with her hubby Kevin Hunter. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel Knife: WTF Is Up With Ole Boy’s Grill!?!?!?!?!

pete burns and boyfriend

Here is Pete Burns, who is known for creating British pop band called “Dead or Alive” in the 80′s, walking with his boyfriend recently. Continue »

Knifed Up Mama Knowles Slangin Her “Miss Tina” Gear At Walmart

"tina knowles miss tina clothes walmart"

We all know that Mama Tina Knowles is a certified hustler, and here she is pushin her “Miss Tina” collection at Walmart. We gotta respect her business game, but WTF is going on with her face??? Continue »

Lil Kim And Her Fresh Faced, Dewy, Youthful Look…

Lil Kim and Lizzie Grubman at the La Scala opening

Lil Kim and the eight layers of makeup it takes to disguise the disfigurement plastic surgery has caused to her face were present at the Monday night opening of La Scala, along with DJ Jazzy Joyce, comedian Paul Mooney, Mims, Black Rob and La La’s ex from way back — Suga J, were also in the building. Check out more pictures below: Continue »

Liar, Liar Face On Fire… Fraudulent “Victim” To Be Charged For Acid Attack Con

Bethany Storro

Police are making an example out of the girl who cried wolf lyin’ azz Bethany Storro and it looks like she will be arrested for felony theft for taking donations from all the people who felt sorry for her and believed the lie that her self-inflicted burns were caused by a random black woman. Continue »

Kimmy Cakes Wishes Her Thighs Were Smaller

kim kardashian thighs butt booty bikini bathing suit

Uhhhh, some motherfuggas are never satisfied:

Despite having a body that many women would aspire to, the reality star Kim Kardashian says that her thighs are the area she dislikes the most. Continue »

We Don’t Mean To Be “NOSEY” But Something Is A Little Suspicious About Serena Williams!!!

Serena's NOSE

Yesterday, we posted some pics of Serena Williams in the Hamptons partying it up with a new accessory. We thought you guys might notice Serena’s new nose but some how it slipped right pass your eyes. So, tell us what you think…

Has she been hanging around Kimmy Cakes to long or it’s just the make-up???

Serena Williams Nose Job

SMH: Knifed Up Lil Kim And Cuzzo Get Glammed Out For The Sake Of Business Growth

lil kim and cousin katrise hair salon

Lil Kim and her cousin Katrise are expanding Katrise’s hair salon business, so just like any other business owner trying to step her game up these ladies took some “Glamour Shots” style pics courtesy of photographer Derek Blanks. Continue »