Iman’s Precious Daughter Was Happy As A Hippo

"Zulekah Haywood"

Just because a supermodel and an athlete have a baby doesn’t mean the kid’s gonna luck out with the genes. Zulekha Haywood’s parents are Iman and basketball great Spencer Haywood and she still ended up tipping the scales at 330 pounds. She used to let her boo hop in the shower first, just so he wouldn’t see her struggle to get out of bed. Pop the hood to find out if this tale has a happy ending Continue »

Plastic Surgery: Heidi Montag… Throw Some G’s On That B*tch!!!

Heidi Montag New Breast

Heidi Montag and her new found breast made an appearance at Liquid to show off her new silicone infested bikini body. Anyone that would want to carry those type of jugs needs mental help!!!

Pop the Top for This Silicone Infested F**kery… Continue »

Knifed Up

kim kardashian bruce jenner

What the f*ck does Kim Kardashian keep doing to her damn face? In a minute, she’s gonna look just like stepdaddy Bruce and Mommy Dearest Kris if she doesn’t lay off the botox or whatever the hell she’s injecting. That ish is NOT a good look. SMH.

More photo of Kim at The Bravada International Launch Party on the flip… Continue »

QuickTrim Kim Is A Walgreens Queen… But What Product Will Fix Her Knifed Up Looking Grill???

Tons of folks showed up at a Miami Walgreens yesterday to meet Kim Kardashian, who was doing an event there for QuickTrim. We like her little outfit, but feel like her face is getting fuglier by the day. Isn’t she starting to look like an exact replica of her knifed up lookin mama??? Pop the hood for more evidence. Continue »

Knifed Up: Should Ole Girl’s Thighs Really Look Like This After Dropping 20 Stacks On Plastic Surgery???

Wow. Poor Heidi Montag. This broad spent mad scrilla on getting a new face and body, so why the f*ck do her thighs look all cottage-cheesed out??

More images on the flip… Continue »

On The Come Up After Getting Knifed Up: Lady Wins $3.5 Milli For “Double Bubble Deformities”


A Staten Island mom who said her botched boob job left her looking like she had four breasts was awarded $3.5 million for pain and suffering yesterday. Continue »

Some Mornin’ Swirl

After a little bout of post-partum depression, Kendra is back to her old self gushing about breastfeeding with her implants and flashing the camera crew to get some privacy! Pop the hood to find out how Kendra beat the baby blues along with footage from her and Hank’s “Chelsea Lately” appearance. Continue »

Beware Of Fraudulent Butt Shots, Quest For Fatty Cakes Lands Six In N.J. Hospital

This ish is just sad. Six New Jersey women who dreamed of juicier cakes, ended up in a real life nightmare after getting caulk in the booty. Pop the hood for the gory details. Continue »

Stars Without Makeup: Is Mariah Carey Kinda Scary? Does Madonna Need A Mask?

Mariah seems to be holding it together pretty well for her age… then again when do we ever see her without makeup on? Pop the hood to get a better look of Mariah makeup-less, along with shots of Tyra Banks, Madonna, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian and more. Continue »

Quote of the Day: Knifed-Up Queen Donatella Versace Speaks on Being “Natural”

The human muppet woman herself, Donatella Versace had some interesting thoughts on being “natural.”

Flip the script for the quote and more pics of Donatella and her dimepiece steez… Continue »

Random Ridiculouness: Heidi Montag is Getting Her Mom Some Plastic Surgery for Mother’s Day

During an interview, Heidi Montag revealed that her mother wants to follow in her knifed-up footsteps and get some plastic surgery to enhance her looks for Mother’s Day. 

Details under the hood. Continue »

Some Sunday Vomit

This is a prime example of why Black women need to embrace their skin. Here is Donatella Versace’s old saggy over-tanned body on vacation looking grosser than ever.

Yikes!! Pop it for more views… Continue »

In White Folks News: Some More Knifed-Up Heidi Montag Pics

We reported on Heidi Montag’s Norwegian body plastic surgery job last week, but more pics have surfaced and we can’t even tell who the hell she is.

More pics of Heidi and her new face under the hood. Continue »

In White Folks News: Heidi Montag Continues Plastic Surgery to Feel Like a “Norwegian Goddess”

WTF is wrong with these “Hollyweird” broads. We use the term Hollyweird loosely for Heidi Montag, but this chick has completely gone overboard with the plastic surgery. This ~ish is ri-goddamn-diculous. You can’t possibly hate the way you look that much to go through all of this BS.

Flip it to see Heidi before and ‘before-before’… Continue »

In the Middle of a Knifed-Up Sandwich

Sandra “Pepa” Denton, Jacque Reid and Joumana Kidd all hit up the Wendy Williams show all looking a little ‘special’. We’re not sure who helped these ladies with their wardrobes for the show, but whoever did needs to be fired. SMH.

Flip it for more pics… Continue »


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