Knifed Up

LL Cool J hit up the Grammy Nominations concert last night looking like a young, spring chicken…fresh off the botox table.

Drake, Ms. Keri Baby, and Maxwell were in attendance as well:

More on the flippy…. Continue »

Knifed Up Round Two: Amy Winehouse is Trying to Up her Cake Game Now

amy winehouse 3 261009

As if her new two bee stings up top weren’t enough, word on the town is that Amy Winehouse is also trying to get butt implants too. Continue »

What is Wrong With This Picture? Is That You Knifed-Up Sammy


This is future baseball Hall of Famer, Sammy Sosa, in Vegas this week. If you don’t know what is exactly wrong with picture, go under the hood to see what knifed up Sammy looked like before. Continue »

Governor Terminator Passes the Donda West Law


Kanye West can at least now know his mother’s death will maybe help save someone in the future. Governor Arnold Swarzenegger finally passed the Donda West Law:

The Donda West law, makes health checks and a written clearance mandatory before … Continue

Nicki Minaj + Plastic Surgery= Certified Banger

Nicki Minaj

After Nicki hit the BET Hip Hop Awards Red Carpet with an a** that could have won the horse awards, some people think she got butt injections.

Hmmm… Lets Pop the Hood to A$$E$. Continue »

Knifed Up: Amy Winehouse Gets a New Set Of Twins


We hear Amy Winehouse had some plastic surgery to enhance her bust. Flip the hood for the details. Continue »

Either Raven Dropped Some Pounds or Put on a Girdle


Raven Symone has been looking slim and trim lately and may have lost over 30 pounds.

Flip the hood to see the before and after. Continue »

SMH: Showing Off Cake


Kim Kardashian was recently outside of the Letterman Show and decided to sign some autographs of her Playboy. She loves the camera, doesn’t she?

Pop the top for more shots and see the P.S. starting to make Kim look like her moms around the mouth Continue »

What A Hollyweird Cougar Looks Like…


Vivica Fox is still trying to hold it down. She was spotted at Mr. Chow the other night… trying to show she has cake still. Sorry Viv, but you are starting to resemble  Joan Rivers in the face a little. SMH

Pop it for another cake shot, or lack there of Continue »

Sunday Surgery Slips…


Jocelyn Wildenstein was spotted leaving a restaurant with her man last week with this face on full blast.  Unlike most surgery slip ups this victim paid to look this way on purpose. 

Flip the hood to see why. Continue »

New York and her Basketball T*t-Tays Dribble Down the Red Carpet


New York and her big a** basketball t*t-tays were spotted at a foundation event in LA over the weekend. Also, Tatiyana Ali showed up with a front zipper dress on… They still make those??? Continue »

On the Come Up: Lil Kim’s Face Game!


Lil Kim performed in Cannes over the weekend and judging from her close ups, she has up’d her face game a lot. Pop the hood for more photos. Continue »

Knifed Up: Is This Broad Really Serious????

Traci Bingham arrives at the 2009 Hot Summer Nights 2

Traci Bingham exudes so much “low class-ness” that it doesn’t make any sense. From her knifed up t*tties and face, to the ripped fishnets…shows that she is certainly not the type of girl you would take home to meet your mom. The funniest part about it is that she thinks she’s fly as hell…Poor thang.

Flip the script for more of Trashy Bingham… Continue »

Plastic Surgery: Kim Kardashian’s Nose…

kim and ocean

If you guys want to see Kim’s old Pinocchio nose before the plastic surgery, just pop the top. Continue »


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