Who Cares if I Have a Flashlight Up My @ss?

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Kim K Cakes

You know your ass is huge when Eminem raps about it in two songs on his new album Relapse. Check out Kim Kardashian’s response to Em’s infatuation with her ‘assets’ Continue »

*Exclusive* Lil Kim Was Knifed Up AGAIN Just Before DWTS

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If you’ve wondered why Lil Kim looks little less scary on Dancing with Stars, it’s because she paid a little trip to her favorite surgeon just before filming the show to get a “fixin”: Continue »

WTF?? “Intracranial Bleeding” & Comatose?

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usher bank nightclub 010109

Tameka Foster is lucky to be alive after this horribly botched Dr. 90210 procedure: Continue »

LaToya Got The Boot

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La Toya Jackson is the 4th person to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

Here’s someone who really knows how to profit off of her ass clownishness. LaToya Jackson was spotted showing off her post Dr. 90210 tummy tuck after being the 4th person to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother UK. Too bad for the dizzy old broad. Guess she’ll be on to the next hustle. SMH.

More of the knifed up nut job plus big brother Tito attending the opening night of the Michael Jackson musical ‘Thriller Live’ (yes they made it into a freakin’ play) in London when you Continue »

#1 Desperate Media Whore

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Latoya Jackson 106.1

The newest Big Brother England housemate, Latoya Jackson, is spreading the rumor the her band of troubled brothers are set to reunite:

The Jackson Five are set for a reunion, according to La Toya. She confessed her famous brothers were keen to hit the road again Continue »

Michael Jackson Does NOT Want to Get Dark Again

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They say Jacko was in Beverly Hills at his frequently visited plastic surgeon, and decided to go to a Santa Monica bookstore. Your boy Mike does not want any light to touch his porcelain skin, and that’s why he took the umbrella indoors.

SMH @ what Michael Jackson will subject himself to in his efforts to stay pasty.

On Vacation: Kelly Rowland & Her Fake Titties

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kelly Rowland on the Beach

Kelly Rowland spent the holidays on the beach in Miami with a rather large woman that we assume is her mother. We see she continues to put those implants to good use. We’ve got more sun and sandy pics after these messages Continue »

Sunday Surgery Slips: Priscilla Presley

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Priscilla Presley might be considered the biggest slip once you know her age…63, and we ain’t joking. Sure, her grin is as scary as that thing from the Saw Movies and it looks like they peeled off her skin to the white meat, but for a 63 year old white woman, we think she looks plenty proper.

Bossipers, lend your thoughts on this edition of Sunday Surgery Slips.

Pictures below, including one of what she should look like now… Continue »

Seen on The Scene: Lil’ Kim

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Lil Kim was spotted at Caliente Saturdays, where she performed live and took some pictures with eager fans on the sofa. She looked normal enough last night, but the picture above with the random fan with her cakes hanging out makes us wonder just how they might have put that sofa to use. Freaks.

More pictures from the event up under the hood… Continue »

Sunday Surgery Slips Vol 5: Tara Reid

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When Tara “Trickin” Reid landed in Hollywierd, she was your typical blonde bimboed actress, until drugs, drinking and plastic surgery turned her life inside out. She went from crack head-star status, to lush and f*cking up her body Hollyweird-status. We really don’t know which is worse.

Pictures under the hood of her now with the butchered stomach and lopsided ta-ta’s, and then with the beyond Amy Winehouse cracky look… Continue »

Let Kanye’s Mom Rest In Peace

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One-Time is investigating the nephew of Donde West who is a R.N. that was caring for her after the surgery:

A year after Kanye_West’s mother, Donda, 58, died while recovering from plastic surgery, PEOPLE has learned that California authorities have launched a probe into the possible role of Donda West’s nephew, Stephan Scoggins, 46. A registered nurse, Scoggins was supervising West’s post-surgery care with West’s assistant and a friend when, according to a source familiar with the situation, he left the house to attend a baby shower the day after West underwent breast augmentation and liposuction last Nov. 10. West died that evening at a Los Angeles hospital. At the time, the death of the rapper’s mother was described by a family spokesman as “the result of complications from a cosmetic surgical procedure,” a statement that placed intense scrutiny on West’s surgeon, Dr. Jan Adams. But last January, a Los Angeles coroner ruled that West died of “multiple post-operative factors,” effectively clearing Dr. Adams of responsibility. In this new development, an investigator with the California Department of Consumer Affairs has issued subpoenas asking individuals “to testify in the matter of the investigation of Stephan Scoggins,” a source tells PEOPLE.

Kind of unfortunate that after all the man and his family have gone through with this ordeal, people still won’t let the late be great, and live.


Elise Neal Wants To Give Kanye Her Mathematics

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At the recent AMA Interscope records after party, Bossip chatted it up with Elise Neal where she revealed her interest in the most humble man on Earth, Kanye West. When we let her know that Yeezy was on the prowl and looking for a new chick, her response was “slip him my number”. Continue »

Sunday Surgery Slips Vol 3: Jocelyn Wildenstein

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On this Sunday’s Slip we decided to go hard to help you get over that hangover you got from last night’s libations. Jocelyn Wildenstein is the epitome of trying to achieve a Hollyweird image and why you’re better off making the most of what you’ve been blessed with. SMH

Is this who Kim is aiming to look like?

Pop the hood to see this total distortion of human life… Continue »

Sunday Surgery Slips Vol. 1: Lil Kim

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Dr. 90210 has taken on Lil Kim as a patient and issued her countless surgery slips. Kimberly Jones was once a very pretty girl but evidently not in her own eyes. The Queen Bee was alright with a few nips but clearly the doctor kept calling her.

Pop the hood to see more of the original Lil Kim. Continue »

Some Weekened Yuck

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Lil Kim performed in Sweden yesterday. All that dough she has spent on plastic surgery, one would think that ole girl would look a little bit better than this. Just a thought…

Some pics of Kelis performing at the festival as well are underway… Continue »


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