An All Time Low: Mr. Ghetto (Wally Mart) “Lion King Bounce” Music Video [Video]

We need to stamp out this type of savagery in our music and culture. This is ridiculous… SMH

Caption This! “King James” Riding His Bike “To Work”

Miami Heat superstar forward Lebron James was photographed riding his bike  to work to play the Chicago Bulls. Because of the Miami marathon, traffic was busy around the AmericanAirlines Arena before the  the Heat and Chicago game.  Lebron rode with two of his associates, to the arena to play their east conference rivals The Chicago Bulls. Despite the bike ride Lebron James played a great game scoring a game-high 35 points in the Miami Heat's victory of 97-93 win over the Bulls. Photos taken January 29,2012

Whoop Whoop! Will you check out the man cakes on that biker! Continue »

Kermit And Miss Piggy Give Faux News A Ho Sit Down: “We’re Not Puppets Of The Liberal Agenda!”[Video]


A Faux News reporter was talking crazy yang about the new “Muppets” movie and Miss Piggy went IN on him and the network! Continue »

Caption This!

hloe Kardashian brings Lamar Odom's kids and brother Rob to support her husband at his basketball game in Dallas. Lamar's children are rarely seen in public and looked very happy to be sitting and cheering along with their step-mother Khloe. They had watched their father from their VIP seats as Khloe has two extra folding chairs set up for her as they made their way by the fans in the arena. Rob had fun at the game also as he finally got to seat closer to the court to watch his brother-in-law play his best game of the season in which Lamar had scored points.

Does Destiny love her stepmonster Khloe or what??? Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”: Little Girl Saves Her Mother’s Life… By Slapping Her With A Pizza! [Video]

If we slapped our mother with a pizza, we’d be the ones in need of some saving! Continue »


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