In Case You Missed It Too: The World Was Supposed To End Today

Another Harold Camping Apocalypse Prediction Fails To Happen

When that crazy Harold Cramping character made himself look like a total nutjob last May, with his claims that he knew the exact day the world would end, he didn’t let it go. Continue »

*Fixed* Catch Fade Comedy!!!: Fake Ref Runs On Field Causing Brawl During UCLA Vs Arizona Game! [Video]

DEAD @ Him Asking For The Ball Then Breaking Out!

Herman Cain Thinks Being Gay Is A Choice… And Here’s Why! [Video]

Maybe this guy isn’t so bad after all… Just Kidding.

Eff A Thug: Camel’s BFF Chris Martin Says Hov Wouldn’t Have Really Robbed Him Back In The Day Cuz “He’s Too Sweet”

Jay-Z hugs Chris Martin

Jay-Z’s “best friend” says the rapper isn’t as tough as he’d like folks to believed. Continue »

Slizzed In The Duggout??? Report Claims “Bored” Red Sox Pitchers Were Drinking Pitchers During Games

Three Boston Red Sox Pitchers Accused Of Drinking In The Dugout During Games

Well, that’s one way to deal with the rest of your team’s wack-ness… Continue »


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