Tell ‘Em Why You Mad: Miss Jilly From Philly Cries About The Grammys With A Little Twitter Pity Party

Jill Scott Voices Disappointment Over 2012 Grammy Exclusion Via Twitter

See that kids? Even Jill Scott, living voluptuous goddess and embodiment of light that she is, can have a less than gracious moment. Continue »

Seen On The Scene: Diddy, Pharrell And Naomi Campbell Get “Wild” At Miami’s Art Basel

Diddy shopping for modern art at Art Basel Miami Beach. Diddy wore black clothing with an animal print cashmere sweater over his shirt. His right arm was immobilized in a sling.

What is it about Miami that makes folks think this animal print ish is okay? Continue »

Word On The Street: Occupy L.A. Movement Is A Frickin Mess! [Video]

When you unleash Jason Moore within the Occupy L.A. tents and people… it’s just mayhem for Word On The Street… pure mayhem!

Pure Comedy: Old Heads Catch Fade On Stage At Alumni Luncheon Over Longtime Football Beef [Video]

Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca fight

This has to be one of the best catch fades we’ve seen in a minute. Continue »

You Mad??? Keri Hilson Gets Salty When Asked To Hold Up Beyonce Magazine Cover For A Drop [Video]

Keri Hilson Visibly Upset After Being Asked To Hold Up Beyonce Magazine Cover During Interview

Remember when Keri Hilson tried to get the world to believe her “Turning Me On” remix threw no shade at King Bey? Continue »

Pure Comedy: Jimmy Fallon Apologizes For The Roots Playing Fishbone’s “Lyin A$$ Itchbay” When Michele Bachmann Was On The Show

Michele Bachmann on Jimmy Fallon

Conservative pundits got their panties in a bunch again this week after it was discovered that The Roots played a lyric-free version of Fishbone’s “Lyin’ A$$ B***h” as walk-on music for Michele Bachmann’s “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” appearance. Continue »

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