Kim Better Watch The Throne: Exclusive Pictures Of Kanye’s New-Ex Mexican Chica Hugged Up With Yeezy Dressing Alike [Video]

You knew that Yeezy was gonna leave some scorned lovers out in the cold when the announcement came that Kim Kardashian is having his baby. Continue »

Top 10 Most Watched Ratchet Videos Of 2012 [Video]

lil wayne kissing stevie j copy

From hoodrats scrapping all the way to booty implants busted… Continue »

Athletes & Hoes: Shaquille O’Neal’s Fraudy Former Employee To Testify Against Him In Lawsuit Filed By His Ex-Jump Off


Could this be the iceberg that sinks Dr. O’Neal’s Titantic sized public-relations machine?? Continue »

The Side-Eye: Dwayne Wade’s Shady Move Got Him Suspended Without Pay! [Video]

Was this a fair call?? Continue »

Brooklyn We Go Hard: Brooklyn Nets Head Coach Avery Johnson Gets Kicked To The Curb


Hov and his 1% must not be too happy… Continue »


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