Question Of The Day: Do You Give Your White Friends A Pass To Use The Word “Ni**a”??

Nas gives Gwyneth Paltrow a pass to use the N-word

That ni**a Nas says Gwyneth Paltrow gets pass because “that’s the homie” and “she’s a real ni**a!” Continue »

Question Of The Day: Do Most White Folks Care More About Animals and “Pets” Than An Unnarmed Black Kid Like Trayvon Being Killed?

Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman

Remember the outrage over Mike Vick killing those dogs? Do you sense the same outrage over the death of Trayvon Martin? Continue »

Trapped In The Closet: Did Obama Accidentally Out ABC’s Robin Roberts With Gay Marriage Interview???

Obama Expresses Support For Same-Sex Marriage During TV Interview

Obama Unintentionally Brought Attention To Robin Roberts’ Sexuality With Gay Marriage Interview

Is “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts trapped in the closet? Continue »


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