Taxes Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number: Uncle Sam Is On R.Kelly’s Twelve-Playin’ A$$ For $4.8 Million Dollars That He’s Owed Since 2005!

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R. Kelly Gives First Interview Since Acquittal

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This is a clip from R. Kelly’s interview with BET and damn it, you gotta see this sh*t from the 5:30 mark. Kells, Kells, Kells. My goodness. Did he really say, “When you say teen-aged girls, how old are we talking?” We honestly gave you the benefit of the doubt before, but that is one hell of a suspect ass question. TEEN-AGED, NEGRO!!! From 1/3 of your age to almost half your age. Sh*t. SMMFH.

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Ne-Yo: F*ck You, Pay Me

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Ne-Yo was granted over 700K for his lawsuit against R. Kelly:

The R&B star has scored a nice payday for being dumped from R. Kelly’s road show last year. A Los Angeles judge has ordered Kelly’s promoter to pony up $700,320 to the “Because of You” Grammy winner. Superior Court Judge Malcolm Mackey made his default judgment after Georgia-based Rowe Entertainment refused to respond to the lawsuit filed by Ne-Yo under his real name, Shaffer Smith. Per his suit, Ne-Yo was supposed to earn $785,000 on the 25-date jaunt, but the 25-year-old performer was canned by Rowe after the second show on Nov. 15 and only received a fraction of the contracted amount. At the time, the promoter blamed the dismissal on Ne-Yo’s camp for not completing the proper paperwork. There was no immediate comment from either Ne-Yo or Rowe on the judge’s ruling. Kelly was not named as a defendant in the suit.

Although he was not the ‘defendant’ in this one, it’s about time the Pied Pedo’s skating ass camp had to pay up for something.

Pics of Ne-Yo and his greased up Vasoline lips at the listening party for his new album “Year of a Gentleman” in Philly is just below:


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Weak Defense

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The infamous R Kelly trial is moving forward and the question on everyone’s mind is not if the mf is guilty, but will his ass go to jail.

Click HERE to get updated on the progress and find out what’s next on the horizon for the Pied Pedo trial.


The Hussy In Question

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Meet Roshona Landfair (follow the arrow). Allegedly, this is the chick who was sexing-it-up on camera with the Pied Pedo at the tender age of 13.

The trampy imagery below, is actually of her bandmate – all grown up. A heartfelt shout out to our loyal viewers in clearing up this factoid.

Huge Road Block in the Pied Pedo Case

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You’re probably wondering who the hell this fat f**k is. Well, the R Kelly trial continues to roll on and his weak-ass defense just suffered yet another blow – courtesy of this massive fellow.

Click HERE to read about this new revelation in the trial as the Pied Pedo gets one day closer to a life in lockdown.

Anything Goes In This Trial

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R Kelly

Attorney Mike Roman was booted out of Kells’ trial recently for trying to pull a simple-ass stunt.

Click HERE to read all the details of Roman’s bizarre behavior and get a recap of the long awaited trial of the Pied Pedophile.

Pied Pedo ‘Bout to Get Roasted

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Pied Pedo

Awwww shucks. Sh*t’s about to jump off in that courthouse today!:

“Courthouse observers are expecting fireworks today, as the trial’s most controversial witness is set to take the stand for the prosecution.

The woman, who lives in Georgia, is slated to testify about a three-way sexual encounter she had with both the R&B superstar and his alleged victim. She also is expected to identify the girl in the tape and tell the jury she was a minor at the time of the recording.”

Stay tuned for the update……


Nowhere to Hide

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R Kelly 520

Opening statements were made in the case of the Pied Piper today.

Click HERE to read more about this long awaited and infamous trial. Ole Robert is about to face the music – for real.

Prosecutors Face Setback in R. Kelly Trial

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R. Kelly gained a victory in his trial Monday as the judge denied testimony from a child therapist. Her goal was to show that the girl’s denial of being on tape was classic behavior of a child-abuse victim. A setback like this proves the theory that the trial will go in favor of Kelly.


Ne-Yo Tells Kelly to Pay Up

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Another day, another lawsuit. America’s #1 Defendant is heading back to court.

Ne-Yo has filed suit against R. Kelly for lost revenue from the Double Up tour. He is asking for $785,000 after he claimed a jealous Kellz booted him from the lineup. R. Kelly’s reps are stating that it was due to contract issues. With the number of court appearances scheduled for this year, Kellz lawyers should be set for life.



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