Random Ridiculousness: Men Turn Shopping Cart Into Grill And Grub On Some BBQ [Video]

Unbridled struggle, but very resourceful. Continue »

BBWLA: Brandi Maxiell And Malaysia Pargo Talk Beef With Brittish “The Chubby One” And Jackie Christie [Video]

If the bird beef keeps brewing, somebody’s face is gonna have an in-depth conversation with 5 fingers. Continue »

Real Life Tarzan: Raw Video Of Crazy-Funny Suspect Swinging From Tree Branches To Roof Escaping One-Time! [Video]

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How’d They Do That?: More Than 100 Immigrants Found Crammed Into A Small House Outside Of Houston [Video[


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Wait, What? Woman Asked To Cover Up At Gym Because Her Body Was “Too Toned” [Video]

She can’t help it if she has a bangin’ bawwwwwdy. Continue »

Lawsuits: Photog Wants Yeezus To Face Trial In Civil Case Over LAX Attack

kanye west and photorapher

Kanye may not have to do jail time, but he’s going to have to give up those coins. Continue »

Pigs Ain’t Isht: Man Records Cops Blackmailing Him Into Framing Someone For A Weapon’s Charge [Video]

At least he got the bastards on tape. Continue »

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