SMH: Dumb A$$ People Are Really Buying These Fake iPad Knockoffs In Parking Lots Of Gas Stations All Over The Country

smh at this fake ipad

SMH. You know it’s about to be the holiday shopping season when people are getting so dumb and desperate that they would really think that it was a good idea to buy an an iPad from some random shady stranger in a gas station parking lot…. Continue »

Where Are Our Parents: Two Harlem 12-Year-Olds Charged With Attempted Murder After Pushing Shopping Cart Four Floors Onto “Philanthropist”

Harlem Kids Charged With Attempted Murder After Pushing Kart Onto Philanthropist

These two little hooligans couldn’t have picked a worst time to be out there doing hoodrat shyte with their friends. Continue »

Got To Be More Careful: Teenager Working At Halloween Attraction Ends Up Hung As Part Of Display

Haunted House Employee Found Hung As Part Of Display

She probably didn’t envision this scary of a Halloween… Continue »

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