Random Ridiculousness: Georgia Pastor Plans To Gather Congregation At A Gas Pump To Pray For Lower Gas Prices

kroger gas station

We know gas prices ain’t no joke right now, but are these people serious??? Continue »

Can I Live??? A Gallery Of Crazy Looking Houses [Part 1]

Most people dream of owning a big house, maybe on a hill, or in a gated community, but these folks dreamed a little differently. Continue »

SMH: Wankster Falls To His Death After Using A Tree As A Break-In Aid

We hate to speak ill of the dead, but what the hell was THIS dude thinking?? Continue »

EFF A Thug: Two Men Charged In Murder Of DJ Megatron

DJ Megatron Hot 97 BET 106 & Park

The NYPD has popped two men believed to have killed Hot 97/106 & Park’s DJ Megatron over some bullsh*t. Continue »

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