Elsewhere In The World: Korean Dog Meat Festival Cancelled By Activists

How ’bout a sizzling, hot, dog sandwich? Some steamed paw meat? Delicious, right? Continue »

How Did This Happen: 5-Year-Old Boy Shoots 4-Year-Old On The Playground

Sooo this is how children are now problem-solving? This speaks volumes to the lack of proper parenting. Continue »

This Guy Right Here Ain’t Worth The Air He’s Breathing

Melvin Jackson Accused of Raping Unconscious Woman In Public In Broad Daylight

It’s not like we didn’t know this level of depravity exists in the world or anything. But wow. Continue »

You Can’t Be Serious… Lindsay Blo-han Is Already Off House Arrest???

Lindsay Lohan Completes House Arrest

This broad must be the White celebrity female version of Keyser Söze Continue »

SMH: Drunk A$s Ohio Broad Sprays Breast Milk On One-Time & Beats Her Husband

break milk lady spray on cops

What the hell???

A central Ohio woman accused of spraying sheriff’s deputies with breast milk is facing charges Continue »


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