Would You Live Here??? The Country’s Ten Weirdest Homes

Suburb homes

For the most part, homeowners across the country live in neighborhoods that look like this. Continue »

Would You Buy This Dog For $1.5 Milli???

Tibetan Mastiff

Wow. People spend money on the craziest isht. Now we all love a good puppy dog, but a puppy that costs 1.5M dollars???????? Continue »

Ambitionz Az A Ridah: Suge Knight Catches Fade In ANOTHER Las Vegas Casino Brawl!!

You would figure that Suge would choose another path to the resolution of his problems seeing that his record in street fights doesn’t seem to be that great. Continue »

Jusin Bieber Stans Are Fawking Crazy.

justin bieber

We still don’t understand all the hype over this lil Justin Beaver character….

Two teenage girls found a creative way to get into Continue »

You Can’t Be Serious…Fugazi Pervert “Cancer Doctor” Only Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison?!?!

A phony cancer doc who sexually assaulted his vulnerable patients was sentenced today to six years in prison – but not before trying to withdraw his plea, claiming he thought he was getting six months.

Michail Sorodsky pleaded guilty earlier this month to 20 charges – including first-degree rape – to avoid prosecution on more than 100 other counts.

He agreed to serve six years – half of which he’s already done while being held on astronomical bail: $11 million cash or $33 million bond.

But Sorodsky handed up a motion to revoke his plea, saying he was tricked into “taking a cop-out plea” that landed him in jail for a lot longer than he agreed.

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Guy Mangano was quick to reject the motion, calling it “dilatory and disruptive” and calling Sorodsky “crazy like a fox.”

“While six years is not enough, the disposition was swift, it was definite and it is final,” Mangano said. “This defendant played on his victims’ fears, fears of death, to his own benefit.”

As Sorodsky, who had an interpreter throughout the proceedings, was led from the courtroom he yelled, “I protest it. It’s a big fraud.”

His wife, Beverly Sorodsky, who pleaded guilty to grand larceny and other charges in relation to the scam, was sentenced to one year, but she too has been in the lockup for three years and was expected to be released Monday.


What The Hell??? Crazy Florida Man Arrested For Stealing A Bag Of Dildos From His Boss’ Trailer

dildos mitchell tice

Along with the bag of dildos, this guy stole two laptops and a wig: Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Designer Shoes Made Out Of Real Life Horse Feet For Sale For Those Willing To Pay 2K

shoes made out of real horse feet

Who in the fizzuck is spending $2100 on this bullsh*t???? Continue »

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Charlie Sheen Stand Up Dates Sell Out In 18 Minutes

Did you know Charlie Sheen was going on a two-city, stand-up comedy mini-tour called “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option”? Continue »

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