This Broad Here Ain’t Sh*t

Rayniqua Poole

Meet Rayniqua Poole, yet another woman who should have never been allowed to be responsible for a child’s well-being. Continue »

Waxing Dat Azz!: Celebrity Wax Figures That Look So Real Its Scary!! [PICS]

Wax figures have been a part of Show Business for as long as we can remember, and the statues at Madame Tuassaud’s Museum are by far the best in the world. Continue »

Beef Over Beefy Crunch Burrito Provokes Texas Man Into Shootout With One-Time

Sharpshooter aims at suspect

We knew they were serious about their burritos in Texas… and their guns… but this is just crazy! Continue »

Police Find 54 Bags Of Heroin Inside Woman’s Vajayjay!!

“Deeper than the pu**y of a girl 6 feet”-Lil Kim

After crashing her car Sunday, police said a Scranton woman suspected of burglarizing the Dunmore Inn was found to have a sizeable stash of drugs and money hidden in an unlikely location.

According to a criminal complaint:

Dunmore police Officer Anthony Cali asked Scranton police Officer Nancy Baumann to detain Karin Mackaliunas, 27, 1609 Mulberry St., at the scene of a crash at the North Seventh Avenue off-ramp Sunday evening.

After her car was towed, Ms. Mackaliunas was ready to leave the scene of the crash when Officer Cali contacted Officer Baumann and asked for Ms. Mackaliunas to be detained because she was suspected of stealing items from the inn.

After searching her for weapons, Officer Baumann found three bags of heroin in Ms. Mackaliunas’ jacket.

But as the officer drove her to Scranton police headquarters to charge her for drug possession, Officer Baumann noticed Ms. Mackaliunas fidgeting in the backseat of the cruiser.

After a struggle with Officer Baumann during a more thorough search at headquarters, Ms. Mackaliunas asked to speak with Sergeant Michael Mayer and told him she had hidden more heroin in her vagina.

A search of Ms. Mackaliunas by a doctor at Community Medical Center turned up 54 bags of heroin, 31 empty bags used to package heroin, 8.5 prescription pills and $51.22.

Ms. Mackaliunas was charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

That’s a lot product to stuff in a fanny-pack, much less a vagina. She must have really not wanted to get caught. SMH


Fawk A Plea Deal!! Jessica White Is Really Out To Prove Her Gangsta

Jessica White

Or should we say out to prove that she’s not gangsta? Continue »

Robert De Niro Says: ‘You Think You’re Gonna Steal From Me And Get Away With It?? Fuhgeddaboudit!!

(Robert De Niro Sr.)

Legendary actor Robert De Niro will appear in court in front of “your honor” to defend his father’s estate from some money-grubbin’ buchiach (see b*tch). Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Women Get Casts Of Pregnant Bellies And Hang Them On The Mantle Over The Fireplace??

pregnant cast


It might not be everybody’s idea of art, but Anna Murphy likes her cast of her baby bump on display on the mantelpiece. Continue »

SMH: Staten Island Ice Cream Man Was Slanging Them Thangs Out The Truck

Louis Scala

Well Lickety Split… This dude raked in a mil last year selling ice cream to kids and something entirely different to adults! Continue »

Trending On Twitter: “White People Stink”… What The Hell?!?!

Twitter Trending Topic: White People Stink

Majority of Twitter was pissed last night when they found out “Whit People Stink” was a trending topic. Once we did a little searching we can across so a few tweets that stood out from Blacks and Whites. As you can imagine, most white people were tweeting that the “Trending Topic” was racist…

Check Out the Tweets and Tells Us What You Think?!?! Continue »