SMH: Baby Gets “Pat-Down” From TSA In Kansas City Airport

baby tsa pat down kansas city airport

These TSA folks are taking things wayyyyyyyyyyyy too far! Continue »

You Knew This Was Coming: Bin Laden’s Seeds Call Shenanigans On The U.S. For Murking Their Pops

Omar Osama bin Laden

Surprise: the sons of bin Laden are not very happy with how their father was taken out of the game once and for all. Continue »

World Of Lies: Pastor Made Up Story About Being A Navy Seal…And Stole The Details From A Steven Seagal Flick!

lying pastor

After Operation: Shoot Osama In The Facehole, Navy SEALS are becoming the coolest group of people in America. Continue »

Oh Behave! Celebrities Caught Doin’ The Nasty When They Least Expected It

We’ve all been there at one point or another. You’re in public, and you feel a lil somethin somethin in your nose, a wedgie building in you pants, or something Continue »

What The Hell??? Gary Coleman Still Hasn’t Been Buried

Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman died on May 28, 2010. And not one of the horrible people who were in his life has managed to get it together enough to give the man a proper burial. Continue »

SMH: Pilot Kicks Two Muslim Men Off Flight On Their Way To Anti-Prejudice Conference


Osama’s death has these pilots shook out there! Continue »