Another Day, Another Khia Mugshot: Rapper Arrested Again For Concealing/Endangering Property


SMH at Khia being arrested (yet again) for trying to do some shady dealings: Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Car Jacker Drops Stolen Minivan Along With Annoying Kids And Yapping Dog Back Home


This is hilariousness:

A car thief who inadvertently scooped up a minivan with two kids and a poodle inside dropped the kids – and the car – at their home Continue »

You Can’t Be Serious… Will Smith Is Working On Another Rap Album???

Will Smih Reportedly Working On Comeback Rap Album

See what happens when you have too much money for anyone to say no to you? Continue »

What The Hell?? Mother Popped For Whooping Her Son With Computer Cords After She Found Out He Was On Facebook

althea ricketts beats son for being on facebook

Man, Facebook stay ruining lives. SMH:

A Florida woman brutally beat her son with a computer cable for using Facebook Continue »


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