Random Ridiculousness: Christmas Bomber Targeted Detroit In 2009 Because The Ticket Was Cheaper Than Chicago??

Abdulmutallab christmas bomber detroit

C’mon now!!! There is no way that these al-Qaida folks are “bombing on a budget”: Continue »

Pure Comedy: Casper The Friendly Ghost Haunts American Idol Mansion

Welcome to ‘American Idols House of Horrors’ woo ha ha! Continue »

Pure fawking Comedy: Mugshot Hall Of Fame, Part 3 [PICS]

mugshots, crazy mugshots
Every now and then one may have a run-in with the law. When this occurs it is of utmost importance that you have your ISHT together so you don’t end up looking like these folks.

These mugshots are sure to bring joy and laughter to your home, office, or iPhone!

This Broad Here Ain’t Sh*t

Rayniqua Poole

Meet Rayniqua Poole, yet another woman who should have never been allowed to be responsible for a child’s well-being. Continue »

Waxing Dat Azz!: Celebrity Wax Figures That Look So Real Its Scary!! [PICS]

Wax figures have been a part of Show Business for as long as we can remember, and the statues at Madame Tuassaud’s Museum are by far the best in the world. Continue »

Beef Over Beefy Crunch Burrito Provokes Texas Man Into Shootout With One-Time

Sharpshooter aims at suspect

We knew they were serious about their burritos in Texas… and their guns… but this is just crazy! Continue »


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