Pure Comedy: Frustrated JetBlue Flight Attendant Cusses Out Passenger On Loud Speaker, “F*ck You, And F*ck This Job!”

steven slater jetblue

Flight Attendant, Fashionista and Former alcoholic, Steven Slater, had just about enough of his job, people and their bullsh*t:

A JetBlue flight attendant lost his cool after his plane landed at JFK yesterday, hurled obscenities at passengers over the airliner’s PA system Continue »

White Chocolate Justin Bieber Gets Hit In The Head With Water Bottle By Female Fan

justin bieber toronto

Justin Bieber took the stage in Sacremento, CA and while he was expressing his love for all of his fans, a female out of the crowd chucks a water bottle at his head… SMH!!! Dayyyummm, guess everybody’s not in love with Justin Bieber…

Take a Peek: Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Slizzard Up Woman Calls 911 Begging For A Date, Gets A Date In Court Instead

bernadette music calls 911 for date

Poor thang:

When an Ohio woman had a hard time getting a date last week she dialed 9-1-1 instead. Continue »

Dog Saves Master’s Life… By EATING His Big Infected Toe!!!

Jerry Douthett's infected toe

Jerry Douthett has his dog Kiko to thank, after the dog devoured a possibly life threatening infected toe while a drunken Jerry slept through the whole ordeal. Continue »

Your Taxes At Work: War Dog Diagnosed With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD Military Dogs

It’s bad enough that our veterans have been at war for 9 years, only to come home without affordable healthcare. Now, even dogs get better treatment than they do! Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Man Robs Wendy’s Drive Thru, Then Calls Later To Complain About The Amount Of $$$ He Stole!

wendy's drive thru

This sounds like pure comedy:

Police say a man who robbed a Wendy’s restaurant at gunpoint and made a clean getaway also wants to lodge a complaint Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Video???

She-Man on NY Subway

There are some people in this world that like to lead a normal life with no distraction but the problem is you have people that come along to bring you a little entertainment and these people like seem to only do these acts of randomness on the New York Subway…

What’s Wrong With This Video??? Continue »

Back To School: NYC Test Scores Prove Kids Are Getting Dumber By The Year!

Students Fail Statewide Tests

Beauty fades.. dumb is forever. In a land of bust it babies, aspiring video vixens and Hip-Hop simpletons, someone forgot to tell the kids to read a d*mn book! Continue »

200 Million Gallons Later, Clean Up Crews Can’t Find Any Oil

Cleaning Crews Can't Find Any Oil

Is this a “crude” joke? The government and BP rallied a small army of people to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf, and when they got there… Surprise! No oil. Pop it to hear their strange explanation. Continue »

M.I.A’s Common Sense is M.I.A, Spits On Photographers and Flashes Her Snatch

MIA Spits on Photographers At Concert

M.I.A is losing her mind, a little at a time. She’s been throwing tantrums at concerts, hock spittin’ on photographers and flashin’ her foreign snatch for the cameras. Is this any way for a new mommy to behave? Pop it for more pics of her antics. Continue »

Mario Shows His Assets After Showing Up Late For A Concert In Rochester, NY

Mario Punches Sound Guy at Concert

Mario was supposed to perform at the music festival in Rochester, NY along with Anthony Hamilton and Dru Hill. Since Mario felt there was no need to show up for sound check, he decided to show his assets and punch the sound guy in the face when his mic messed up?!?!

Sounds Like Someone Has A Case Of The Yeezy?!?? Continue »

Lindsay Lohan And Her “FireCrotch” Put On Lockdown After Inmates Tried To Get Her Goodies?!??

Lindsay Lohan on Lockdown

Lindsay Lohan is having everything but fun while locked up behind bars. Her situation is so bad that Lindsay is already on lockdown after only a couple of days…

Pop the Top for More Details Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Man Charged For Stuffing His Pants With Stolen Sausage

booker t bradley

This sounds like comedy:

A man seen leaving a Louisville grocery store with sausage protruding from his waistband was charged with theft and public intoxication. Continue »

Woman Arrested For Pouring Boiling Water On Her Mother’s Face

Alisa Loumas and Antoine Walker

A Pennsylvania woman and her boyfriend were arrested Tuesday after police say they plotted to kill her mother by pouring quarts of scalding hot water on her face. Continue

Chelsea Lately Blames Black Men For Kim Kardashian’s Success And Says She Would Sex Up Rick Ross

Chelsea Big Boi Lil Jon Rick Ross: Rapper Roundtable

Chelsea Handler, by this point, has really expressed her love for black men in more ways than one. She had Lil Jon, Big Boi and Rick Ross on her show for the rapper roundtable and they taught Chelsea the importance of having cushion for pushin’… Continue »