Proof She’s Not Perfect: Watch Beyonce Fall Down Stairs During Her Last Tour Show In Lisbon! [Video]

It looks like that fall would hinder the toughest woman and maybe that’s the reason she was crying during this show finale, but she sure played it off well.

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Hide Ya Kids: Police Bust Virginia Sexting Ring Involving More Than 100 Teens [Video]

These kids send freaky pics to their boo thangs and next thing you know their isht is all over the internet. Continue »

WTF Wednesdays: Columbus Short Does Terrible Live Rendition Of “The Arsenio Hall Show” Theme Song [Video]

This isn’t exactly “new”…but just in case you haven’t seen’s time. Continue »

Watch This Rat Scare The Pants Off Of Everybody On The NYC Subway Including Grown Men [Video]

Grow a pair!!!

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The Joys Of Being Black: Man Released After Serving 25 Years In Jail For Murder When Receipt Proves Innocence! [Video]

The receipt was in his pocket the whole time…dayum. Continue »