“Love & Hip-Hop” New Addition Yandy Smith Speaks On Televised Beef And How Crazy Chrissy Lampkin Is Looking For “An Evelyn Moment”!

Yandy Smith and Chrissy Lampkin

Ever since the super-trailer for the second season of Vh1’s “Love & Hip-Hop” was released, people haven’t been talking nonstop about the impending DRAMA! Continue »

Exclusive: “Love & Hip-Hop” Adds New “Vixen”, Somaya Reece Gets The Boot, And Show Spin-Off In The Works

Model Erica Mena Replaces Somaya Reece On VH1's "Love And Hip-Hop"

Looks like Mashonda won’t be the only replacement on the new season of “Love & Hip-Hop” when it returns next month. Continue »

To Whom Do These Hooves And Calves In Bondage Belong?

Real Housewives Live Tour in Atlanta

One of your favorite Bravo Housewives hit the red carpet on that “Real Housewives Live Tour” we’re sure no one is paying to see last night wearing these snazzy boot-like things here. Can you guess who it was? Continue »

Not A Total Betty But A Vast Improvement: Laura Govan Gets All Dolled Up For New Photo Shoot

Laura Govan Poses For New Photo Shoot, Talks Basketball Wives L.A. Misconceptions

Oh wow… Guess those extra 20 TV-pounds really motivated Laura to get back to her pre-mommy shape. Continue »

Kris Jenner: “I Fantasize About My Daughter Kourtney Marrying Scott Disick And Being Happy”

kris jenner kourtney karadashian

Wait, we thought Kris Jenner wasn’t a big fan of that Scott Disick character: Continue »

To Which Reality TV Non-Wife Does This Engagement Ring Belong?

Reality TV Star Shows Off Her New Engagement Ring

Under the guise that she was showing off her favorite nail color, one of the unmarried TV “wives” you love to hate showed off this massive rock on Twitter on Tuesday. What a beautiful token of her massively dysfunctional relationship. Can you guess who’s hand this is? Continue »

Suspect Pretend Matrimony-Dom: Gloria Govan Talks About How Much Matt Barnes Loves Her, But…

Gloria Govan And Matt Barnes Talk About Keeping Their Relationship Exciting As Parts

Thanks to some incredibly gifted, and we’re sure very persistent, publicist, someone thought asking Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes about their love life as parents would be interesting. Continue »


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