Memory Lane Pt. 1: A Look At Some Of The Most Unforgettable One-Hit Wonders Of All Time

craig mack

One hit wonders. They’re the things that dreams are made of. They never get old, but the artists that make them fall off in absolutely no time. Continue »

Do You Recognize This R&B Songstress??

Do you recognize this songstress? Her first hit came out in 2001, and her voice saved a new rapper’s single in 2004… like a safety belt. And while it may seem like she’s been quiet since, her fifth album just came out… Continue »

Remember Me???

Special Ed

Ladies, we know you remember this guy. Continue »

Guess Which ‘Scarface’ Cast Member Is Speaking Out Against The New Version Of The Gangsta Classic???

Last week we brought you word that Universal Films is re-creating a new ‘Scarface’. Well, apparently someone from the cult classic cast ain’t wit it!! Continue »

Remember Me??

Kelita Smith seen going out for dinner in Beverly Hills

Well we haven’t seen this young lady in a minute. Continue »

Which One Would You Hit?

The Reunion Concert In Atlanta

Who knew Phaedra’s pretty husband Apollo was a long lost brother/cousin of the DeBarge family? Continue »

Are You Feelin This Get Up?

JoJo arriving at the Staples Centre to watch Taylor Swift in concert

Check out the tightly toned tummy on this one! Continue »

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