Vida Guerra Likes Them Long, Hot and Not ‘Real’ Meaty!!! WTH?

Vida Guerra PETA Veggie Dog Day

Old news errr…ummm video vixen Vida Guerra recently made an appearance in Washington, DC for PETA’s 2010 National Veggie Dog Day. She paraded around in a bikini made of hot peppers and caused married men to repeatedly get slapped by their wives!

Pop the hood to see Vida handle some wieners! Continue »

“Did I Do That?”

Jaleel White as Steve Urkel

The word is in on the alleged Urkel smacketh of his baby mama! Pop the hood for the nerdy details! Continue »

Which One Would You Hit?

Tony Terry Jazze Pha

Jazze Pha and R&B vet Tony Terry both showed up for last night’s ATL LIVE ON THE PARK monthly music showcase produced by Shanti Das & Marlon Nichols. Pop the hood for more shots of Akon, Jermaine Dupri, Steve Rifkind, Jazze Pha, Q. Parker (112) more, but don’t forget to tell us Which One Would You Hit! Continue »

Remember Me??? Pee Wee Herman Picked Up For Judd Apatow Picture

Pee Wee Herman

Pee-Wee Herman is coming back to the big screen in a Judd Apatow production. Pee Wee’s a lucky guy if you ask us. Apatow is the man behind big movie hits like “Step Brothers” “Knocked Up” and “SuperBad”. Pop the hood for details Continue »

*Bossip BET Exclusive* Dru Hill Tells Us They Aint Gay, But Nokio Is Rocking A Sisters Hair Style!?

Sisqo Laughin

Bossip is at the BET Awards right now and had to get these pictures of Nokio from Dru Hill Up… ASAP!

When Dru Hill heard who we were… they immediately yelled out “we ain’t gay!” It took us by surprise, being that Nokio had our little sister’s hairstyle! (Video Coming Soon)

Pop the top for more shots and to see Sisqo’s guilty hairstyle Continue »

Jeremy London Allegedly Kidnapped And “Forced” To Smoke Dope, Folks Claim Otherwise

jeremy london and brandon adams

This story sounds extremely bizarre. Remember that Jeremy London dude from Party of Five and 7th Heaven??? Well, apparently he was kidnapped and forced to smoke rocks, and some people beg to differ…SMH.

Details on this comedy when you… Continue »

Noemie Lenoir Is All Smiles After Attempting To Take Her Life One Month Ago

Noemie Lenoir

Noemie Lenoir hit up the premiere of the movie “Fatal” in Paris earlier this week with her post-suicide attempt swag on point. We’re glad she’s doing fine, this is definitely a good look.

Full shots on the flippy… Continue »

Remember Me, Quincy???

al b sure!

Kim Porter’s first baby daddy, Al B. Sure! hit up Omarosa’s premiere for her new show “The Ultimate Merger” last night in NYC.

Pop the top to peep our boy Al B. all pudgy and chubbylumpkined out Continue »

Remember Me?

"Robert Ri'chard On the Nickelodeon Show Cousin Skeeter

For those folks who haven’t kept up with “One on One” and “Meet The Browns” actor Robert Ri’chard since his days as Bobby on Nickelodeon’s “Cousin Skeeter” pop the hood to see what he looks like now Continue »

Yaya Dacosta From ANTM Back In The Day Does Esquire Magazine

Yaya Dacosta Esquire Magazine

Yaya Dacosta is still doing her thing in the industry since her stint on America’s Next Top Model Season 3 years ago. Pop the hatch to peep a recent spread of hers from Esquire magazine.. Continue »

Remember Me???

Ralph Macchio Karate

Ralph Macchio, the original karate kid was in attendance at “The Karate Kid” Los Angeles Premiere. Pop the hatch to see what good ole Daniel Son is working with now: Continue »

Shari Headley Coming To America’s One Hit Wonder Has An Alter Ego

"Shari Headley's Alter Ego with Derek Blanks"

Shari Headley was last seen at Nicey Nash’s birthday party looking the same yet beautiful Plain Jane. Thanks to Derek Blanks, she is crossing our path again. Shari Headley shot her Alter Ego photo shoot with Derek Blanks in L.A. last week. We’re not exactly sure about the concept but with her being gone for sooooo long…

What do you think it is??? Continue »

Remember (Freak Like) Me???

"Adina Howard Freak Like Me"

Fifteen years ago Adina Howard had a hit with “Freak Like Me,” but last night the singer showed up to rock the red carpet at the “Sex and the City 2″ Glamm Squad Remixx screening. Pop the hood to see how she’s livin’ these days Continue »

Remember Us, Kobe???

Kobe and Joe Bryant Reunited Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers, Game 5

Kobe Bryant, who has had a pretty rocky relationship with his parents in the past, was reunited with Pam and Joe Bryant (pictured hugging Kobe above) at last night’s Lakers vs. OKC Thunder playoff game where the Lakers were victorious.

Flip the script for more photos of Kobe, Joe, Pam, and other celebs at the game… Continue »

Remember Me???

Billy Ocean Remember Me Caribbean Queen Blast From The Past

It’s been ages since we had a Billy Ocean sighting but the “Caribbean Queen” crooner was recently spotted in Dublin, Ireland throwing up the deuces. Pop the hood for a look.

Continue »


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