Which One Would You Hit??? Old Head Hip-Hop Edition

Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz of Onyx performed at the “Legends of Hip-Hop” concert the other night in NYC. Which one of these old heads would you let ‘eat the box’ then smash that thang up something proper???

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People from the past, whether it be actors, singers or rappers, are always popping up. We put together a gallery to see how many of these ‘Oldie but Goodies’ you actually remember!!! Continue »

Pay Yo Bills: Comedian Sinbad Owes $8.15 Milli in Back Taxes!!!

Remember your boy Sinbad from back in the day?? Well seems like he hasn’t paid Uncle Sam in a minute:

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Three Blast from the Past: Recognize This Face???

Anna Maria Horsford cleared out the cob webs and made an appearance at the 26th Anniversary UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball in Atlanta, GA. Last time we saw her she was on that TV show AMEN and when she played the Ice Cube’s mom in the Friday movies.

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Remember Me from Soul Food???

Little Ahmad, real name Brandon Hammond, was the little boy who almost burned up the kitchen in the movie Soul Food. So, what is he doing now and did he grow into them lips??? Take a peek when you flip the lid… Continue »

Remember Me??? Treach and the Whole Naughty By Nature Crew

Treach was seen partying it up with the rest of Naughty by Nature at Brian Michael Cox and Tyrone Davis’ birthday party in Atlanta. Of all the things that Treach decided to wear, why did he show up looking like a member of the Trench Coat Mafia.

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Remember Me??? Sade Drops New Track “Soldier Of Love”

Sade has been M.I.A. for the last 10-years. Sade has finally returned with a new jawn called “Soldier Of Love.”

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L-Boogie, Lauryn Hill… is That You???

Lauryn Hill was spotted in a shop in Jersey the other day, looking like someone off of Fat Albert.

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Remember My Latin Cakes???: Vida Guerra Back Showing Black Men Her Cakes

Vida Guerra is back again. Who knows where she went after her cakes were used up, but recently the wholesome and sophisticated Vida reappeared in Black Men Magazine showing brothers her cakes.

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Blast From the Past

All the old head D-listers came out to the 80’s Babies Show 2 Thanksgiving Eve concert presented by DJ Self recently. Even Lil Mo and SWV rose from the dead to hit the party scene.

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Wanna See What Big Pun Looked Like Before Obesity???

Just in case you were ever curious as to what famed rapper, Big Pun, looked like back in his hay day…we have some shots of him all skinny and debonair.

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Remember Me???: Missy “Missed-a-Dinner” Elliot Back With New Track “Touch My Body”

We don’t know what kind of binge Missy has been on the last few years, but whatever her new hobby is has kept her relatively quiet in the entertainment world. She’s just now deciding to return with a new single and album due date.

This is the track “Touch My Body”

Remember Me???

Remember Babs Bunny, the rapper from the first season of Making the Band? Well, she seems to be pretty busy with her new girlfriend that’s on the new season of the “BAD GIRLS CLUB”. 

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Remember Me???

Anybody wonder what ever became of R&B sensation Aaron Hall? Flip the hood to see his new gig. Continue »

Remember Me???


Ever wonder what Tahj Mowry, the little guy from Smart Guy is up to? Flip the hood to see the pure comedy that he calls a job now. Continue »