*BOSSIP Exclusive* Donell Jones Is Back Off Hiatus, Plus Exclusive Pictures Of His New Girl And Their Daughter!

Bossip caught up with Donell Jones to find out What’s up, what’s up, what’s up, with him missing in action from R&B:

BOSSIP: Why the hiatus?

DONELL: I was in a horrible situation with Jive. They have too many R Kellys, Justin Timberlakes, Ushers, Anthony Hamiltons… Continue »

Remember Me?? In White Folks News Edition

Remember Michelle Trachtenberg from Harriet the Spy?? Well she’s grown now and singing raunchy Nicki Minaj lyrics in NYC taxi cabs. Continue…

Remember ME???: Sammie is Doing Grown Up Things Now

Lil’ bitty Sammie shot his new video for his single, Magic Show, over the weekend. His album “It’s Time”, is suppose to drop sometime this year. Last time this kid had a hit was damn near two decades ago but now he’s trying to show everyone what he’s working with…

Flip the Lid for a Peek to See if Your Convinced Continue »

Remember Me???

Back in the 80s and early 90s, Miki Howard had everyone singing “Love Under New Management” and we really haven’t seen her since then. She has finally crawled from under a rock and lets just say… TIME is a B*tch!!!

Pop the Top to See What Miki is Working with Now Continue »

Remember Me???

Jermaine Huggy Hopkins played the token fat kid in “urban” films like Phat Beach, How To Be A Player and Lean On Me, but is probably best known for his turn as Steel in Juice. Pop the hood to see what he looks like now. Continue »

Blast From The Past: Which Member Of Da Band Can’t Stop Won’t Stop?

Gotta give Diddy some credit — these bands he throws together may not stick much, but he sure knows a tenacious character when he sees one. Another reject with a Bad Boy past is keeping it moving in the music industry. Pop the hood to find out who it is and watch their latest video. Continue »

Remember Me???

Remember the little boy who played Whitney Houston’s son in the movie “The Bodyguard”??? Well he is definitely all grown up now and looks completely different from the little boy in the movie…

Pop the Top to See What DeVaughn is Looking Like Continue »

Remember Me???

Remember Jurnee Smollett that played Eve in Eve’s Bayou back in 1997?? She is definitely all grown up now and if you don’t remember, she was one of the main actors in the movie with Denzel Washington, the Great Debaters. In case you have seen her in a minute…

Pop the Top to See What She’s Working With… Continue »

Hate It Or Love It? Donell Jones Makes A Conscious Comeback With “Free”

Last time we heard Donell Jones he was still crooning about juggling his main piece with his sidepieces, so we gotta admit it’s a little refreshing to see he’s matured with his new material. Look under the hood to play catch up with the singer who seems to have figured out where he wants to be! Continue »

Remember Me??? Which *City High* Member Has Been Drinking Like A Fish?

What would you do… if your group member stole your high school sweetheart, married her and impregnated her??? You might spend the next ten years of your life so sauced up you end up on “Intervention” too! Pop the hood to find out what happened. Continue »

Blast From The Past: Jaheim Is Finding His Way Back

Much like some other old R&B acts trying to stage a comeback, Jaheim is still trying to put a bid in (not that kind of bid) for the music business. Pop the hood to see if he’s still got it. Continue »

Caption This: “Last I Remember I was Face Down, A$$ Up, Clothes Off, Dozed Off, Broke Off…”

Kiely Williams from 3LW, remember her??? Well she’s got a new song out and it ‘s called “Spectacular.” When you hear the title, you don’t think much of it BUT once you listen to the lyrics… This chick is definitely on some other sh*zzz.

Pop the Top to Take a Listen: Continue »

Is Cherri Dennis Smokin Rocks?

Bossip was in the building for the Strike Out The Violence Celebrity Bowling Event For New York Peace Week in Harlem last night and look who decided to show up.  Former singer and Bad Boy artist Cherri Dennis.  We haven’t seen this chick in ages and now we see why.  Is she on something???

More pics under the hood from the event. Continue »

Blast From the Past: Remember Special Ed???

Awwww, we haven’t seen Special Ed in a minute!!! He hit up the Strength Through Unity: A Haitian Benefit Relief event the other night in NYC looking a little “tired.” If you can’t quite remember who this kind fellow is….

Please pop the hatch for a refresher as well as more images from the event including Ice-T and Coco, Olivia, Salt and more…. Continue »

Remember Me???

Remember this chick!?! She came out of hiding to show her face at Angie Martinez birthday party at Quo in NY the other night. We barely recognized her so if you do, kudos to you, but for those of you who can’t tell…

Pop the Hood to Find Out Continue »


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