Jesus Take The Wheel: Jealous Jilted Hubby Kills Ex-Wife And New Boyfriend In Front Of 100 People At High School Reunion


Thank goodness an off-duty FBI agent was there to take him out before he killed anyone else! Continue »

Gone To Soon: Retired NFL Running Back Rodney Thomas Passes Away At 41

Rodney Thomas

Sad news for football fans. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Repo Man Shot To Death On The Job After Taking Position To Buy Wife A Wedding Ring

It should never get that serious that you need to kill the repo man… Continue »

R.I.P. Legendary Actress Ruby Dee Dead At 91

ruby dee

R.I.P. to a legend!
Continue »

Snapped: Woman Sentenced To 20 Years In Jail For Stabbing Boyfriend To Death Because He Wouldn’t Give Her A House Key


Bad news for you girl, where you’re going it’s all locks — no keys. Continue »

Baby Mama Drama: Watch Dad Of Brooklyn Kid Stabber-Killer Breakdown Crying “Its My Crazy Son’s Mother’s Fault!” [Video]

Continue »

Allah Take The Wheel: ANOTHER Man Publicly Executed Crucifixion-Style In Syria [Graphic Photos]

This is just disgusting. [Warning: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC PHOTO INSIDE] Continue »


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