“Being Wendy Williams” Full Episode: Wendy Williams Talks Smoking Rocks Like It Was Nothing [Video]

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Jesus Grab The Pipe: DMX Is On Heavy Yayo In New Interview “N***as Suck! Bring It… What!” [Video]

Somebody get this guy to rehab… it ain’t funny anymore. LOL

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President Obama Commutes Sentences On 8 Individuals (Mostly Black) Sentenced To Life For Crack Possession [Video]

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Rocks: One-Time Arrested For Buying Yayo While On The Job And Telling Thugs Where The Police Are Hot [Video]

Protect and get served…

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5 Things That Drove Lamar Odom To Crack-Yayo-Rocks! [Video]

What drove Lamar Odom to the pipe?

Sotheby’s Plans To Auction Off 118-Carat South African “Greatest White Diamond Ever”, Could Sell For As Much As $35 Million!

118 Carat Diamond

What kind of glorious, life-changing, clinched-fist-tight box does a broad have to have to deserve a rock like THIS?!?! Continue »

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