Internet (Odd Future): The Boyish Looking Chick Drops Video With Her Kissing Girl And Doing Lines Of Coke “Coca**e” [Video]

Hmm… wonder if Tyler The Creator is into doing coke and kissing boys? Probably…

In White Folks News: Dentist Confirms Lindsay Lohan’s Rotten And Disgusting Grill Is From Smoking Those Rocks

lindsay lohan disgusting yellow rotten teeth

Lindsay Lohan needs to cop her some nice veneers for the next time she’s in public! Continue »

A Gangster And A Gentleman: Infamous Jamaican Drug Lord Writes Judge 7-Page Letter Asking Him To “Please” Be Easy!!!


Mind you, this is the same guy who caused Jamaica to declare a state of emergency earlier this year, when the US was trying to extradite his azz!!! Continue »

Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown’s Daughter “Bobbi Kristina” Covers Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ [Video]

Despite her voice, the industry isn’t for everybody!

GTFOHWTBS: Rep For Lindsay Lohan’s Little Sister Ali Says Her New Face Is Normal And Natural

ali lohan new face

Wow. We don’t what kind of rocks these people are smoking but this excuse for Ali Lohan’s face ain’t cuttin it!!! Continue »

Lindsay Lohan Talks About Sister’s Drug Addiction Plastic Surgery And Waifness [Video]

We guess “Crack Addiction” runs in their family… just like lying to the American Public and getting away with it does too.


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