One-Time Pops Rodney King For DUI AGAIN!

Rodney King

SMH… This guy just never learns. Continue »

Footage Of El DeBarge Getting Extorted And Doing A Horrible Show: Some Say He’s Back On Rocks [Video]

SMH@The Second Video.

El DeBarge was, well… unusual. He was unable to complete a song, he slurred his speech, moved a little erratically and seemed to be, for lack of a better term, under the influence? Continue »

Amy Takes A Break: Miss Winehouse Cancels Tour After Her Drunken, Stumbling Embarrassment Of A Show

amy winehouse

We’re sure you’ve heard of Amy’s meltdown after her most recent attempt to come back from her stint in rehab.
Continue »

Drugs Are Bad M’kay: Whitney Houston Battling Lung Disease?

Whitney Houston arrives at The Forum to watch Prince in concert

According to “sources” Whitney Houston is suffering badly from emphysema: Continue »

Get Your Life Together: Going Back To Rehab Wasn’t Exactly Amy Wine-Ho’s Idea

Amy Winehouse

And here we were thinking that Amy Winehouse’s decision to check herself back into rehab might actually mean we finally get that follow up to “Back 2 Black.” Continue »

SMH! Whitney Houston Gets Her Cracked Out Dance On At Prince Show And Gets Banned…

Whitney and Bobbi Kristina at Prince Show

Whitney Houston burned another bridge before entering rehab… Continue »

Get Your Life Together: Frankie Shows Up For A Probation Check-In With Crack In Her System

Frankie Lons

Yesterday, the news broke that a recent visit to her probation officer’s office landed Keyshia Cole’s practically-disowned biological mother Frankie Lons in the clink. Continue »

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