True Or False: Is Brandon Jennings Putting A Ring On Teyana Taylor?

Teyana Taylor and Brandon Jennings

Teyana Taylor was reportedly not alone when she arrived for the premiere of her new movie “Madea’s Happy Family!” Continue »

Rumor Control: Teyana Taylor Denies Beating A Beeitch Down Over Chris Brown

Teyana Taylor Chris Brown

Teyana Taylor took to Twitter yesterday to claim she is innocent of allegations she beat the dogsh*t out of a broad who was talking isht about her “brother” Breezy. Continue »

Rumor Control: Lil Wayne Was NOT Denied A U.K. Visa, He Never Applied For One

As nice as this is he’s sure to have at least some trouble when he DOES actually apply, based on how they’ve treated other rappers. Continue »

Rumor Control: Rih Rih Is Jealous… Drops Camel As Manager!

Did Rih Rih pull a BeyBey and drop her manager just days after Beyonce joined Roc Nation?! Continue »

Angie Stone Says She Had No Clue She Was Riding Dirty… And It Kept Her From Jesus

Angie Stone

There must be some kind of celebrity excuse handbook somewhere. Continue »

The Side-Eye: Breezy’s Ex-Publicist Issues A Statement, Says Nobody Quit Or Got Fired

Tammy Brook Chris Brown

Must be nice to have good people hold you down, no matter how badly you fawk up. Continue »