Shook Ones? Lil Wayne Reveals Why He Refuses To Battle Kendrick Lamar

Tunechi himself gives a surprising response to why he won’t be battling K.Dot any time soon…. Continue »

Where Is PETA? Jackie Christie Says Pregnant Women Should Kill Pet Cats So They Don’t Suck The Breath From The Baby! [Video]

We’re guessing Jackie peeped how that 22 pound cat had her whole family hostage. Continue »

Hate Crimes: 50 People Witnessed Gay Man Beaten Senseless On Subway Platform As Attacker Ranted, “I F***ing Hate F***ots” [Video]

This is crazy. Dude literally had his face broken in. Continue »

Juror No. 4 Believes Michael Dunn Was Guilty Of Murder !!! “We All Believed There Was Another Way Out”

Valerie wants y’all to know it’s not her fault that Jordan Davis’ family hasn’t gotten their justice. Continue »


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