Wannabe Hero Charged For Shooting At Walmart Thief [Video]

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Keep It Classy: LL Cool J Rejects The “Disrespectful” Idea Of Playing Psycho Cop Killer Christopher Dorner In Biopic Movie [Video]

LL Dorner

Good to see someone in Hollyweird still has morals, but DAMN they look just alike! Continue »

Crazy Hyna Jodi Arias Describes Violent Sex Before Killing Boyfriend “I Was Bent Over” [Video]

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Jesus Take The Wheel: Cousins Exchange Gunfire Over Music After Family Funeral In Atlanta!

ATL Funeral shooting

Guess this is why Charlamagne doesn’t talk to ninjas after 5pm…SMH Continue »

Verdict Reading: Young Vito Found Not Guilty In Slim Dunkin Murder… But Still Gets Book Thrown At Him! [Video]


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