Bonniesha & Clydique: Husband & Wife On The Run After Shooting Deputy And Crime Spree!

This couple DID NOT shoot the sheriff… but they dude dump on the deputy.

Get It How You Live: The Godmother Of Yayo Griselda “La Madrina” Blanco Gunned Down By Motorcycle Assassin In Her Native Colombia

Griselda Blanco

If you’ve ever seen “C0ca!ne Cowboys” you know exactly who we’re talking about. Continue »

End Of Days: Man Opens Fire In New Jersey SuperMarket; Several Reported Dead

The shooting chaos continues across the United States Continue »

15-Year-Old Gunman Charged With First Degree Attempted Murder In Maryland First Day Of School Shooting!

Robert Gladden

15-year-old Bobby Gladden brought a bottle of vodka with him on his first day of school this year. He also brought a disassembled shotgun and 21 rounds of ammo. Continue »

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