Philly Fans Start Shooting At Chicago Bulls Fans After The Game Argument On Train! [Video]

That kid in the blue hoody does not look like the kind of guy you want to talk sht to…. just saying.

Continue »

R.I.P: Lesbian NYPD Sergeant Photographed With Barry-O On 9/11 Commits Suicide After Fight With Her Boo!

US President Barack Obama (R) speaks wit

Suicide is becoming disturbingly prevalent recently Continue »

Mother Of 2 Killed By Walmart Security With Kids In Car: What Warranted Shooting Her? [Video]

This guy shot her in the car with her kids… for petty theft? Continue »

Shook Ones: Shots Fired At Pilar Sanders’ Divorce Attorney Pete Schulte Office Window!

Pilar Pete

Was “someone” trying to take Pete out?!?!? Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Four People Fatally Shot In “Nice Middle-class” California Suburb


SMH. Tis the season for shooting up folks and killing them, huh? Continue »

So Sad: Kansas City Chiefs LB Killed His Girlfriend Because “She Came Home Late From A Trey Songz Concert”

Kassandra Perkins

So this coward shot and killed the mother of his child and then himself after arguing about a damn Trey Songz concert??? Continue »


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