Heart-Breaking: The Terrifying 911 Tape Of Junior Seau’s Girlfriend Megan Norderer Has Been Released

The 911 Tape Of Junior Seau's Girlfriend Megan Norderer Has Been Released

It’s REALLY hard to watch and listen to the reactions of those that loved Junior Seau. Continue »

Stop The Violence: A List Of The 10 Most Dangerous States In America!

A list of the 10 most violent states in America

Is your hood on the list of most likely to get shot, stabbed, or killed??? Continue »

Fawk A Thug: Harlem Man On Shooting Rampage Murks Teen Sister, Critically Injures Mom

Harlem shooting

We just don’t understand these ruffians who have no respect for the woman who gave them life! Continue »

Road To Justice: Jennifer Hudson’s Family Murder Trial Starts Today, Prosecutors Say Her Family Died Over A Bouquet Of Balloons

William Balfour begins his trial for the murder of Jennifer Hudson's family today 

It’s gonna be a long couple of days for J-Hud Continue »

Jesus Take The Glock-9: Shootout At Colorado Church Leaves Shooter And Pastor’s Mother Dead!

Shootout at Aurora Colorado church

He’s knockin’ on the door, don’t let the Devil in! Continue »

“Race Matters” In Stand Your Ground Law: Black Woman Serving Time For Letting Off Warning Shot (Against Abusive Husband) [Video]

You know how this sht goes… they always have some “circumstance” that sets black folks cases apart: Continue »