Florida Crazies: Man Fatally Shoots Wife And 17-Year-Old Son Then Slits His Own Throat


If he wanted to kill himself fine, but he didn’t have to kill the poor wife and teen. Continue »

The Value Of Black Life: Woman Kills Mother Of Three After Saying “Alabama Loss Not Worse Than The Heat’s” [Video]

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Miami Goons Don’t Care!: 2 Women Killed And 2 Injured When Liberty City Thugs Shoot Up House With “Automatic Cannon” [Video]

Damn, they targeting women down there now? Continue »

Get It Poppin’!: Raw Video Of 3 Dead After “Gangnam Style” AK-47 Wedding Celebration [Video]

An AK-47 has no place at a wedding!

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Political Hit Gone Wrong?: Mayor’s Car Gets Shot Up In Hit And Run! [Video]

This sounds like a mob movie! Continue »

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