George Zimmerman Wannabe Who Shot Black Girl ‘Renisha McBride’ In Face On His Porch Set To Stand Trial For Murder [Video]

Being black can be a dangerous game in America…

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Pig Faced Mom-Facebook Troll Popped For Threatening That Her Son Is Gonna Shoot Up The School! [Video]

SMH @ This Lady… Why Is Her Neck Wider Than Her Forehead???

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Sister Gets Shot And Killed In Nightclub Leaving Behind A Child: Surviving Sister Speaks Out! [Video]

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F**k A Thug!: 2 Thugs Shoot Man In Head Killing Him In Front Of Wife Over A Range Rover! [Video]

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Florida Crazies: Man Fatally Shoots Wife And 17-Year-Old Son Then Slits His Own Throat


If he wanted to kill himself fine, but he didn’t have to kill the poor wife and teen. Continue »