In Slizzard White Folks News: Brandi Glanville Of RHOBH Gets “BFF Drunk Married” And Husband Tweets It’ll Be Annulled ASAP

Brandi Glanville Marries Friend Drunk Vegas Darin Harvey

How old is this lady again?? We know Brandi Glanville is a mess with all her Xanax and roofie poppin’ but she and her “BFF” were doing the most this weekend: Continue »

South Cackylacky Man Popped In NYC Totin’ A Loaded Tec-9 And .45 After Attempting Free Subway Ride

If you didn’t think public transportation was dangerous before, this may change your mind. Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: GOP Candidate Mitt Romney Says Barack Obama Is Like Kim Kardashian

barack obama mitt romney kim kardashian

These GOP muhfuggas stay having some stupid isht coming out of their mouths. This time it’s Mitt Romney: Continue »

Skillz ” 2011 Rap Up” (2012 Hello) [Video]

“… And Yall Take Care Of Ya Selves Make Sure Celebrate Life In 2012!”

Another dope one by Skillz.

When The Checks Stop Coming In: The Top Financial F**k Ups Of 2011

We all have suffered financial hardships and with the falling economy, sky-high unemployment rates, and home foreclosures out the wazoo…2011 was definitely Continue »

In Crazy Racists News: “Silent Aryan Warrior” Plotting To Go Kill Some N****rs And Jews Until The Government Catches Him

danny lee racist

SMH. Sounds like someone forgot to take their meds: Continue »


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