From Bad To Worse: Police In Southern California Think A Serial Killer May Be Stalking Homesless Men!

Not that it’s better to kill people that HAVE homes, but damn, aren’t these folks suffering enough??? Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: You’re Not Really A Baller Until You Eat Couture Cereal For Breakfast

It’s just a matter of time before these Baller O’s end up in MC such-and-such new video surrounded by tiddays and arse… Continue »

Brought to You by the Letter “$”… Is Sesame Street Losing Money??

Brought to You by the Letter “$”... Is Sesame Street Losing Money??

Can you tell me how to get how to get to… the bank?? Continue »

Hi Hater: “Messy” Erica Mena And Her Floozy Friend Throw Shade Towards The BMF Wives ON Twitter!!

Damn, they just announced that they are doing a show and people are hatin’ already? That’s how you know you’ve got a hit! Continue »


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