Are You Feelin Omarion’s Lil Cuffed Khaki Get Up And Stance?

Omarion is spotted out side of Maestro's restaurant wearing a Bob Marley t-shirt

Here is Omarion spotted outside Maestro’s restaurant in LA rockin some lil rolled up slacks and a new haircut. Continue »

WTF?? Woman Still Stands By Husband Who Tried To Have Her Killed By Hitman 3 Times

jeffrey yvonne stern

Wow. This broad is one loyal woman: Continue »

Got To Be More Careful: Teenager Working At Halloween Attraction Ends Up Hung As Part Of Display

Haunted House Employee Found Hung As Part Of Display

She probably didn’t envision this scary of a Halloween… Continue »

Shady Defense Witness Says Michael Jackson Caused His Own Death By Giving Himself A Lethal Dose Of Propofol

conrad murray paul white michael jackson


Pop star Michael Jackson caused his own death, a defense witness argued on Saturday. Continue »