Secret Service Thinks Gun-Toting Nut Job That Fired Shots At The White House May Be A Threat To President Obama

President Obama has always had to deal with harsh criticism, but now it looks like he might have to duck real shots! Continue »

In Nasty Pedophile News: Penn State Assistant Coach Under Fire For Witnessing Jerry Sandusky Raping A Boy In The Shower Says He Alerted The Police

Mike McQueary Penn State Joe Paterno

Mike McQueary says he alerted the police of Jerry Sandusky’s disgusting locker room actions back in 2002: Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: 18 Preschoolers Killed In China On A Bus With 9 Seats Packed With 64 People Inside

china bus crash kills 18 preschool children

How in the heavens did they fit 64 kids in a bus built for 9??? And why would they put 64 kids on a bus built for 9??? Continue »

Fellas, Would You Rock This “Nail Polish For Men” ??

man nail polish

Uhhh, we’re not sure about this one guys: Continue »

It’s A Wrap… Maybe: Hundreds Of NYPD Officers Shut Down Occupy Wall Street And Clear Out Zuccoti Park

NYPD Evict Occupy Wall Street Protesters From Zuccoti Park

The 1% finally got their win over Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York last night… or at least that’s how it looked up until this morning. Continue »

Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: Man Who Tried To Smuggle A Syringe Full Of Heroin In His Pants Accidentally Sticks Police Deputy

William Booth, 35, allegedly tried to smuggle in a syringe filled with heroin in his pants.

Sounds like this William Booth character was about to get a drug binge all the way poppin if he didn’t get caught: Continue »