When The Checks Stop Coming In: Is It A Wrap For Essence Magazine?

Nia Long

The iconic brand may be folding its magazine, according to Gawker, proving that even the popular go-to mag for black women can’t withstand the tides of the recession. Just a couple of days after announcing the retirement of beauty editor Mikki Taylor, Continue…

Wyclef Compares Himself To MLK Jr. After Being Accused Of Cakin’ Mistress With Yele Haiti Charity Funds

Ever since Wyclef decided to go hard for Haiti, any spec of dirt that someone finds on him has been making headlines. Unfortunately, Wyclef has decided to respond to all the rumors via Twitter. SMH @ this dude comparing himself to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Pop it for Wyclef’s Twitter Press Conference.. Continue »

Police Looking For Louisiana Man Who Has Been Knowingly Spreading HIV To Women For Almost FIFTEEN YEARS!!!

SMH. Be on the lookout for this evil a*s muhfugga… Police say he’s allegedly been spreading HIV as far back as 1996. Pop the hood for more details. Continue »

Waka Flocka Flames Out, Rapper Gets Locked Up For Parole Violation

Waka Flocka is surely building up his street credibility this year… After being shot in January, and more recently getting involved in an altercation with Young Jeezy’s camp, it’s now been reported that Flame was arrested Tuesday for violating his probation.

Fill In The Blank

Camel was spotted in Pittsburgh kicking with his recording artist Bridget Kelly looking a little “too close for comfort.”

Fill in the Blank: While BeyBey is out being lesbo lovers with Lady GaGa, Jay-Z is __________________________________.

More pics when you… Continue »

Out Of Pocket: South Jersey Walmart Kicks Out All The Black Folks

Customers shopping in a South Jersey Walmart got the shock of their life when they heard an announcement asking all African-American customers to evacuate the store.

Check out the details on the flip. Continue »

Ain’t That A B*tch: Lil’ Wayne Misses Court in Arizona And A Bench Warrant Is Issued BUT… He’s Already In Jail

First we want to know how something like this is even legal in the justice system??? Regardless, it seems like Lil’ Wayne can’t catch a break. A bench warrant has been issued for his arrest for failing to appear in Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Dumb Juror Steals Fellow Juror’s Credit Card And Goes Shopping During Trial’s Lunch Break!

It doesn’t get any better than this. Pure dumbf*ckery:

There was more than one criminal in this courtroom. The Bronx trial of an accused credit card thief was thrown into turmoil when a juror’s plastic was stolen and used for a shopping spree – allegedly by another juror! Continue »

Wake Up Haitian President Rene Preval!!! Please Keep Earthquake Survivors Safe From Rapist Attacks!!!

After all they’ve already been through, women and children in Haiti are in serious danger of being raped — even gang raped — because there is little to no protection in the dangerous tent camps. Details on the flipside. Continue »

Tiger “Cheetah” Woods Ain’t Got Nothing On This Cat: Ex-NBA Player Talks Sex Addiction And Sleeping With 90 Women Per Month

Former NBA player Winston Bennett certainly has Tiger Woods beat on sex addiction. This guy was hitting 3-4 different women daily without using protection, and even had the nerve to have sex with another woman less than 24 hours after he was married.

This is a must see! Continue…

Wendy Williams Puts Stacey Dash On Blast: “That Chick Shot A Pilot, But VH1 Never Said She Was Getting A Show…”

Last Friday Stacey Dash made an appearance on the Wendy Williams show. She talked about being married, letting Jamie Foxx soak up her panties and her new ‘so-called’ reality show. Wendy Williams says she loved how Stacey was so honest but come to find out… she straight LIED to WENDY’s FACE!!!

Flip the Lid for Wendy Williams and VH1 Calling Stacey Out… Continue »

DMX Sentenced To Another Six Months In The Slammer!!!

That Sheriff was serious about keeping Earl Simmons in the bing. Rapper DMX was ordered to remain in jail for at least six months and undergo a mental health evaluation after violating five separate parole violations last week including drug possession. Continue

SMH: Parents Ditch Their 3-Year-Old Son At His Birthday Party!

Police are considering child neglect charges in Michigan for two parents they say took their child to a popular playtime restaurant for his birthday party and left him there. Continue

Let’s Leave The Devil Signs Alone, ‘Kay?

Some folks got mad when we challenged Weezy and Drake last week for throwing up gang signs, so we did a little more digging and discovered a video that breaks down all the hand signals. This ish is scary… Even Nickelodeon and The Black Eyed Peas??? Continue

Making It Rain On These Hoes: Michael Jackson Estate Signs $250 Million Contract With Sony

Michael Jackson’s estate is making history nine months after his death, signing the most lucrative recording contract in history. His estate has agreed to a seven year contract with Sony Records worth an estimated $250 million. Continue…


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