RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield Has A Doctor Suitor That Is Just As Fake As Her

TiYe Muhammad Real Housewives of Atlanta Sheree's Date

Dr. Ti-Ye Muhammad, who spent a good portion of the televised part of his date on “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” with Sheree Whitfield telling her how real he is, is as much a doctor as she is a designer. And he might not have ever been exposed if he wasn’t such an attention whore. Continue »

Another Day, Another Lawsuit: Bishop Eddie Long Hit With Legal Action For The Fifth Time In A Month

Bishop Eddie Long

Poor Thang! Another lawsuit has just been filed against Bishop Eddie Long, but this one has nothing to do with coercing young men into knob slobbing. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel Knife: WTF Is Up With Ole Boy’s Grill!?!?!?!?!

pete burns and boyfriend

Here is Pete Burns, who is known for creating British pop band called “Dead or Alive” in the 80’s, walking with his boyfriend recently. Continue »

In A$$hole/D-Bag News: Kanye West Admits “I Was A Spoiled Brat”

VMA Kanye West Amber Rose Hennessy

Kanye West is still selling his sob story of how sorry he is for robbing poor Taylor Swift of her VMA moment and how he failed to properly mourn his mother’s death. This week Vanity Fair is buying. Check out the excerpts below: Continue »

Fellas, Would You Hit This If She Wore A Bag Over Her Head???

la toya jackson real housewives of beverly hills premiere

La Toya Jackson hit up the premiere party for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night with her knifed up/bangin for an old broad (body though, not grill) steez in full effect.

Continue »

Some Morning Fug: Aaron Carter Is Not Aging Well…Puts His Skinny “Yuck-Yuck” Muscles On Blast

aaron carter tweets muscle topless shirtless pics

Damn, we know times are rough for these child stars trying to make it in Hollyweird, but geeze…Aaron Carter looks like he’s either missed a few meals, needs to stay away from the gym for a minute, or should invest in some “Weight-gainer 2000″ pronto. Continue »

With T.O. and OchoCinco Getting All The Bengals Shine, Pacman Jones Is Back To The Dumb Sh*t

Pacma Jones Cowboys Bengals

Here’s a dummy we haven’t heard about in a few months. Continue »

Woman Wakes Up In Motel Room With ‘Hoe’ Carved Into Her Chest

Missouri Motel Knife Attack Hoe Flesh Carving

Talk about rude awakenings; a Kansas City, Missouri woman is claiming that she woke up in a motel with the word ‘hoe’ carved into her sternum. Continue »

Another Day, Another Divorce: Ben Harper And Laura Dern’s Swirly Matrimony Is Finished, Harper Filed For Divorce

"ben harper laura dern divorce kids family photos"

Another one bites the dust:

Harper, a two-time Grammy winner, filed legal docs citing irreconcilable differences and is asking the judge to deny Dern spousal support. Continue »

Kat Stacks Calls Out Jeremih For Propositioning Her Online, Beefing With Transvestite Sidney Starr

Kat Stacks Sidney Starr Transvestite

Looks like everyone wants a piece of Kat Stacks, even the transgender?! Continue »

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Gay Away Pill

What’s wrong with this picture??? Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Pitbulls Attack Pregnant Woman In Florida

Dee Dee Olizia pregnant victim of pitbull attack

This is crazy, people can’t even walk around safely in their own neighborhoods because some irresponsible pet owners don’t keep their dangerous dogs locked up! Continue »

Update: One-Time In Mexico Actually Have Identified Pirates. American Victim’s Family Is Not Impressed

David and Tiffany Hartley

The body of David Hartley, the American jet skier allegedly murdered by Mexican Pirates two weeks ago, hasn’t been found yet. But Mexican authorities say they know who the two gangster pirates responsible for his death are. Hartley’s family says that’s not enough. Continue »

Guess The Droopy Dookie Drawled Jeans

Chris Brown seen leaving his hotel in New York City

This ISHT is not cute. Someone was spotted in NYC desperately needing to pull his motherfuggin pants up!! This isn’t the first time he’s been seen like this…can you guess who? Continue »

Something’s Fishy About Clarence Thomas’ Swirly Wife’s Nonprofit Group “Liberty Central” That Opposes President Obama’s “Leftist Tyranny”

clarence thomas wife Virginia thomas

Seems like shadiness runs through the Thomas family:

As one of the keynote speakers here Friday at a state convention billed as the largest Tea Party event ever, Virginia Thomas gave the throng of more than 2,000 activists a full-throated call to arms for conservative principles. Continue »


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