Satellite Radio Thuggin: Howard Stern Bites Back At Jamie Foxx…Says In So Many Words That Dude Is Gay

This weekend we posted some audio of Jamie Foxx and his Foxxhole crew going extra hard at Howard Stern and his little sidekick Robin. Apparently, Howard Stern is not too pleased and he had some “interesting” things to say. Continue…

For The Stans: The Beyonce Blow Up Love Doll… It Could Be Your Sweet Dream Or Beautiful Nightmare?!?!

We just came across the most hilarious, yet disrespectful thing we have seen in a long time… The “She Ain’t No Beyonce Inflatable Love Doll!!!” There is absolutely no way that Bey Bey’s camp doesn’t know about this and if they do, we’re very surprised they didn’t do all they could to stop it. SMH @ 3 Thrilling Love Holes and You Don’t Have to Put a Ring on It…

Pop the Top for a Peek… This is Just PURE COMEDY!!! Continue »

Police Accidentally Shoot Carjacked Toddler

The parents of a 2-year-old boy in Jacksonville, Florida are dismayed with local police after they accidentally shot their child in the upper torso and arm trying to shoot a suspect in a carjacking. Continue »

Scary White Wackjobs Busted For Plottin On Po-Po

These so-called Christians in the Hutaree militia group plotted to take out a law enforcement officer, then launch a surprise attack on the officers of the law who gathered at the “bait’s” funeral using weapons of mass destruction. Look under the hood for the sickening details. Continue »

Antonia “Toya” Carter: F**K Nivea, She Ain’t The Only One That Can Get On A Track… “BEDROCK REE-MIX”

Nivea really thought she was doing something when she decided to remix Drake’s jawn “Say Something” and now she has a bit of competition. Lil Wayne’s EX-Wife/Baby Mama, Antonia “Toya” Carter, has decided to spit on a track, “Bedrock Remix” ft. Rasheeda, Toya, Diamond, Angel Lola Luv and Kandi Burruss…

We can’t even speak on this… Continue »

Sean Paul’s Wig Is Begging For An Intervention!

Sean Paul, the near 40 has-been reggae artist was spotted over the weekend at the Pistons vs Nets game looking like one of Scary Spice’s kids. SMH

Pop the top for more Continue »

F*ck A Thug: Fool Beats Up Quadruple Amputee Before Running Off Like A Lil B*tch

Meet Jacoby “Boxing Helena” Smith. When his live-in lady blocked his view of Masterpiece Theater the TV, he threw her to the floor and beat her. Did we mention that she’s in a wheelchair? Or that she has no arms or legs? Check out the flippy for the full story. Continue »

Khia Says “When You Got Money Like Lil’ Wayne And Tiger Woods, You Can Have As Many Wives As You Want!!!”

Khia must have an album coming out because she is taking shots at all the female “so-called” emcees. First it was Trina, now it’s Nicki Minaj but before we even get to that, check out what she had to say about Lil Wayne and all his babies…

“I’m just letting him sow all his royal oats and have fun. I’m his biggest fan…I don’t want no babies I’m gonna let them have all the babies that they want. He’s the king, Continue »

SMH: Parents Arrested For Taping 3-Year-Old Child Smoking Weed

We can’t get over the craziness of the world today. From that lady sucking on c*ck cakes in front of little a*s kids, to this crap…

Police in Connecticut have the parents of a 3-year-old boy in custody after they found a video of the child smoking marijuana while the parents taped it. Continue…

Jesus Take The Wheel: Female Suicide Bombers Kill 35 In Attack On Moscow Subway

SMH… Terrorism has reared it’s ugly head in Russia.

Female suicide bombers detonated explosions that rocked two subway stations in central Moscow during rush hour on Monday morning, killing at least 35 people, officials said. Continue »

SMH: Skin Lightening Cream Found At Michael Jackson’s Crib

Poor MJ stil can’t rest in peace:

Newly unsealed search warrants are providing more information about police findings at the home of Michael Jackson. The search warrants are revealing what many people have speculated for years, that Michael Jackson did use skin lightening creams with a total of 37 tubes of product found. Continue..

F*ck A Thug: Kendall Berry’s Killer Turns Himself In…

BOSSIP has learned that a young man has been arrested for stabbing FIU running back Kendall Berry to death:

Quentin Rashad Wyche, a 22-year-old Floridian, has been arrested in connection with the murder of Florida International running back Kendall Berry. Continue »

Out Of Pocket Quote Of The Day: Vogue Calls Gabourey Sidibe A “Joke”

Damn. The Academy Awards are long gone but some b*tcha*sses over at Vogue magazine are talking yang-yang on why Gabourey Sidibe would never be featured in their magazine.

Flip the script for the out of pocket comments… Continue »

SMH: “All Black People Leave” Wal-Mart Knucklehead Pulled The Same Sh*t Before!!!

The li’l juvie delinquent behind the: “All black people leave the store now” foolishness in a New Jersey Wal-Mart is a repeat offender. Details under the hood. Continue »

What In The Clown Nation… Missy Elliott, Is That You?!?!

Monica held her album release party at Opera nightclub in Atlanta on Thursday night. Missy Elliott decided to crawl from under a rock and show her face. We don’t get to see Missy often but DAYYUMM… Who The Hell Let her Walk Out of the House Like That???

Flip the Lid for More Pics… Continue »


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