This Shady Mothafu*ka The-Dream Filed For Divorce Before C-Milli Gave Birth

Christina Milian and The Dream

New documents have surfaced showing The-Dream filed divorce papers a little over a week before Christina Milian gave birth to their daughter Violet. Details when you … Continue »

Chelsea Lately Blames Black Men For Kim Kardashian’s Success And Says She Would Sex Up Rick Ross

Chelsea Big Boi Lil Jon Rick Ross: Rapper Roundtable

Chelsea Handler, by this point, has really expressed her love for black men in more ways than one. She had Lil Jon, Big Boi and Rick Ross on her show for the rapper roundtable and they taught Chelsea the importance of having cushion for pushin’… Continue »

To Whom Do These Feet Belong???: Man Or Woman

Who's feet are these???

This diva was seen rocking these stilettos at a charity event in Atlanta and since it is in Atlanta, there is no telling who these feet belong to. Let’s see how good you are at this game…

To Whom Do These Feet Belong To???: Man or Woman Continue »

NJ One-Time Cries Self-Defense: “Gaymon Propositioned Me For Sex In The Woods, Got Gully After Arrest Attempt, I Feared For My Life”

DeFarra Gaymon Atlanta CEO Fatally Shot

More details have surfaced on what went down in the park the night DeFarra Gaymon, an Atlanta CEO, was fatally shot in a New Jersey park: Continue »

Foxy Brown Popped For Yelling “B*tch, What You Looking At?” And Mooning Her Shook A$s Neighbor…

foxy brown

Perhaps Foxy Brown should just move away from this broad:

Foxy Brown was arrested on Wednesday and charged with violating an order of protection from a neighbor. Continue »

Whoopi Goldberg Likes To Get High, Soooo High… On The View?!?!

Whoopi High on The View

This past Monday, Whoopi Goldberg was in full effect and high on The View. She just flew in from a party overseas but apparently Whoopi has to be drugged in order to fly… too bad she was still high by the time she made her way to The View. Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Tom Vilsack Offers “Personal And Profound” Apology To Shirley Sherrod, Messy Jesse And Permed Up Al Weigh In

sherrod tom vilsack

“Too late” for this BS now, Tom:

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told reporters this afternoon that he has offered a “personal and profound” apology to Shirley Sherrod for forcing her to resign as a result of an out-of-context video posted to a conservative website. Continue »

Drake Gets SO Disrespectful Onstage Says “I Will Put It On Your Girl… I Don’t Give A Fu*k About Your Man”


For a guy who should be getting pu**y left and right from available girls — Drake always seems to stay focused on women who are with other guys. At his recent performance in Ottawa Drizzy went a little too far when singling out “Fancy” girls in the audience. Check the flippy to watch him get out of pocket Continue »

Flight Attendants Rob Passengers While They Sleep

Air France Flights Attendant Robs Passengers

Don’t sleep on flight attendants, they might rob yo a**. An Air France stewardess confessed to jacking first class passengers while they were sleeping. Pop it to see how the mile high bandit got paid. Continue »

SMH: What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Britney Spears Bad Weave Hair Loss

This young lady was seen shopping at Crate And Barrel like any other normal person would. Unfortunately, there’s is something that’s a little abnormal here, but we can’t quite put our finger on it. Perhaps you all can help us out.

Flip the script to peep who this is, and don’t forget to tell us, What Is Wrong With This Picture??? Continue »

Poor Reggie Bush

reggie bush heisman kim kardashian

Reggie Bush has probably seen better days. First, he was spotted causing a scene this weekend at the Haqq-McCray wedding trying to get Kim Kardashian to get back with him, and now his Heisman Trophy that was awarded to him back in 2005 will be returned due to USC and their shady a$s shenanigans.

They’re even removing all athletic jerseys, murals, and memorabilia of Bush’s from the school’s premises. Pop the hood for more details on both… Continue »

Sherrod Isn’t Sure She’d Go Back To The USDA After They Jumped The Gun

Shirley Sherrod

Shirley Sherrod says she isn’t sure she’d return to her USDA job after being asked to resign after the NAACP and Agriculture Department reacted prematurely to comments she made during a speech that were edited out of context. Details when you Continue »

John Gotti’s Grandson Puts Ricky Rozay On Blast: ‘Only In America Can You Go From…Corrections Officer To… Teflon Don’

Rick Ross and the real Teflon Don John Gotti

Rick Ross may have been embraced by Larry Hoover Jr., but John Gotti’s grandson isn’t feeling him using his grandfather’s hard-earned “Teflon Don” nickname for his new album title. Pop the hood for details Continue »

When A 30-Year High School Reunion Trip Turns Fatally Wrong

Defarra Gaymon NJ HS Reunion

Something in this story sounds a tad bit fishy:

DeFarra Gaymon’s weekend was supposed to be fun-filled. The 48-year-old CEO was traveling from Georgia to New Jersey to celebrate his 30th high school reunion with friends and former classmates Continue »

Caption This

Diddy's GQ Pictorial

Diddy always seems to get himself caught up in some wild predicaments but this one picture for the upcoming issue of GQ that is just priceless. In “Diddy: On The Record” with Fuse, he speaks on B.I.G., how he would have been a king pin and the influence of his mother.

On The Notorious B.I.G.’s last day alive:
“He was supposed to go to London but he was like, ‘Yo I’ve never asked for anything, Continue »


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