Shady Retractions: Kato Kaelin Now Says…”I NEVER Said OJ Did It!!!”

C’mon, make up your mind, dude!!! Continue »

Quote Of The Day: Paris Hilton Says “Gay Men Are Disgusting… Dude, Most Probably Have AIDS”

Paris Hilton

Wait, is this disease-ridden, ho-hoppin’ bopper really talking about somebody else being promiscuous??? Continue »

SMH: American Airlines Flight From JFK Delayed 4 Hours Due To Flight Attendants Arguing Over A Cell Phone

Wow. The lack of professionalism these days cease to amaze us! Continue »

Poor Thang: Chad Johnson Gets All “Deep And Stuff” About His “Mistake” And Being “Human”

Chad Johnson leaves Broward County Jail after being arrested on suspicion of domestic violence

And it was all good just a couple months ago….Let’s all pull out the violin for Chad Johnson. Continue »


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