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DMX performing live to promote his new CD 'Undisputed' at Revolution Live Hollywood, Florida

Earl Simmons aka DMX performed in Hollywood Continue »

ChitChatter: Trina Tosses Her Two Pennies About Frank Ocean’s Man-Loving Revelation

The baddest b**** lends her support to the man of the hour… Continue »

TwitPics: Brandy Has A Lil’ 4th Of July Fun With Her Friends, Fam, And Music Biz Boo-Thang Ryan Press [Pics]

Brandy has plenty to celebrate this year and she appears to be the happiest woman in the world based on her Twitter/Instagram feed. Continue »

Can You Guess Who Got This Silly-Azz Tattoo Of Mario-Kart???

You would think this singer/rapper would be done with acting recklessly with vehicles…SMH Continue »


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