Freaks: 35-Year-Old Woman Faces 80 Years For Having Sex With Three Of Her Daughter’s Teenage Friends…Over And Over Again

tessa gray

This broad is trifling!! Chopping down not one, not two, but THREE of her daughter’s teenage friends: Continue »

On The Come Up: Kimmy Cakes Soon-To-Be Ex-Husband Kris Humphries To Re-Sign Deal With New Jersey Nets For $7-8 Milli!

Kris Humphries New Jersey nets New Deal $7-8 Million

Dayum, we at least lil Kris Humphries is seeing some gain after the “Fairytale Divorce”… Continue »

SMH: Newt Gingrich Says Gays Are Better Off Voting For Obama

GOP wankster Newt Gingrich isn’t seeking any gay support in his run for President… Continue »

Isht Happens: 55-Year-Old Man Defecates In Bank Parking Lot Right Before Robbing It

Russell Mace defecates in connecticut bank parking lot

Word??? Bank robbers are dookying in the parking lot before they rob banks now?!?! Continue »

ChitChatter: Khloe Kardashian Thinks Vanessa Bryant Is A Bougie Beyotch!

Guess not all the basketball wives are standing in Vanessa Bryant’s corner… Continue »

India.Arie Gets Sued By Ex-Manager For Being An Epic Fail Of An Artist


We can’t possibly understand how these two haven’t been able to Kumbaya it out over a few folk songs by the campfire. Continue »

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